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Dollar Shave Club, Netflix, BlueApron — they’re the subscription business success stories that launched consumer appetite for monthly goods, billed regularly, and got companies thinking about the bottom-line opportunities with this model, and the industry’s been booming, growing by more than 100 percent in the last five years.

Subscription models are lucrative because of their consistency: guaranteed monthly revenue that lifts your business’s worth, increases lifetime customer value, and makes inventory and pricing far simpler. It’s a foundation for incredible growth for your company. And it’s a solid place to stand when you’re ready to launch your business globally.

There are about 7,000 subscription box companies globally, and 70 percent of these companies are based in the United States. And there’s a market for any consumer craving you can fulfill, from the traditional to the long tail of consumer demand.

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But while the subscription business model is ideal for launching globally, there are still huge challenges expanding into key markets.

Legal complexity

If you ain’t in Kansas any more, then you have a whole new set of laws to contend with. Plus there’s the possibility of taxes above and beyond domestic ones, depending on your subscription delivery model, as well as the possibility of import duties — which are getting trickier to navigate every day in a volatile global trade market. Miss a step and you are looking at the kind of fines and penalties that can take a big chunk out of your bottom line.


Localization, or ensuring that the international facets of your business fit smoothly into the markets of the countries you’re selling in, from flawless translation to navigating cultural intricacies and payment complexities, can boost your bottom line tremendously. The trouble is ensuring that you have the local resources to steer through these murky waters yourself. Partnering with companies that can guide you around pitfalls and boost the salability of profitability of your business is essential.

Tech challenges

From global payment acceptance to conversion at checkout, support for multiple international currencies and a variety of local payment preferences is essential. Are you mobile-commerce ready? Some of the biggest global markets are mobile-first, and getting their business means optimizing your mobile shopping experience. Plus each of those transactions needs to adhere to every new market’s unique regulations and requirements — which means automated tax support that applies the most accurate tax rules, rates, and exceptions automatically. You’re also looking at brand-new privacy, security, and data storage regulations. In other words, making sure you have the right subscription business platform right out of the gate.

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  • Common fraud issues and what to do about them


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