Last Chance: Register for Transform, VB's AI event of the year, hosted online July 15-17.

At the Transform conference in Mill Valley today, Findo co-founder David Yang announced an access program for Yva, the company’s AI-driven employee analytics and performance management system. The platform is designed to analyze talent across your company in real time by accessing all your corporate communication, from personal emails to Slack messages, and requiring weekly employee surveys.

According to Yang, Yva can predict an employee’s resignation 12 months before their actual resignation, so that if the statistic holds true — that an employee resignation can cost a brand up to two annual salaries — a thousand-person company could save the 2 million dollars a year they’d lose if all their employees quit.

“The team is a core asset of any company,” Yang says. “But what do we know about our teams? Do we meet each coworker every day face to face? Companies lose hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars without knowing objectively what has been happening with each person.”

Yva is an AI box, connected to the corporate network. All data stays on your corporate network, Yang says, and remains private and proprietary. The system is designed to send you messages indicating areas of improvement or areas of inflammation, as well as the possible roots of the problem.

Yva is expected to officially launch in September 2018, but employers interested in joining the early access program, which offers the solution at a reduced per-employee rate, can complete this application form.