As if Facebook wasn’t having enough problems, it must now confront the Great Instagram Apocalypse. At least, that’s how it felt to millions of users this morning when the photo-sharing service went down.

Users in many places opened up the app only to be greeted by blank profiles, and on the web the message: “5xx Server Error” — leaving them suddenly unable to see friends’ cat photos, selfies, and delicious food photos.

The website Down Detector is tracking reports of outages in Northern Europe, the U.S. West Coast, and Australia.

The outage comes after Facebook revealed a massive hack last week that affected 50 million users. And just a few days before that, Instagram’s cofounders announced they were leaving the company.

Of course, that doesn’t include Facebook’s ongoing battles with fake news, political manipulation, and growing government scrutiny of its privacy policies.

Instagram users were left with no choice but to follow the time-honored custom of complaining about the outage on Twitter.

We’ll update with more details. As of yet, Facebook and Instagram have not issued a comment.

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