Google Cloud Platform is rolling out a new server for customers in the European Union to help them move data around in compliance with the continent’s tougher privacy regulations.

Dubbed simply “Transfer Appliance,” the device is available in beta starting today. The hardware is a high-capacity server designed for jobs involving porting 20TB of data or more.

Google says GCP customers can ask for one via their console. The usable capacity will eventually range from 100TB to 480TB.

The company notes that customers already using Transfer Appliance have been doing things like moving huge multimedia archives and scientific datasets.

The appliance can be used to migrate on-premise data to GCP where clients can run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters with Cloud Dataproc, which is designed to help developers quickly create clusters and then delegate the management of those clusters to others.

Google says that in all these functions and configurations, the data transfers are handled within the EU, a key to ensuring users don’t violate the General Data Protection Regulations that went into effect earlier this year.

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