Imagination Technologies is announcing PowerVR graphics processing unit (GPUs) for automotive applications, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

PowerVR Automotive is a set of chip designs, software, tools, and support. Imagination Technologies will make it available to chip designers and automotive companies for license to build the cars of the future.

The company is introducing the PowerVR Series8XT-A GPU core to complement its existing intellectual property already used extensively in infotainment, digital cockpit, and ADAS.

The PowerVR Series8XT-A has enhanced recovery and reliability features to make it easier for system-on-chip (SoC) designers to obtain automotive safety certification for their SoCs aimed at digital human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and autonomous vehicles (AV).

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Above: GPUs can be useful for a variety of applications in cars.

Image Credit: Imagination Technologies

Cars have specific requirements that impact all aspects of system design and which standard consumer IP is not able to meet. To solve this, PowerVR Automotive provides customers with a complete package of support documentation, automotive safety, and traceability information. The company says it prioritized safety in the design.

PowerVR IP has been used in automotive products since 2006. Its GPUs have been licensed by multiple auto processor companies, including Dense, Renesas, Socionext, and Texas Instruments (TI). To date, these companies have shipped tens of millions of devices, giving Imagination a market share by volume of over 50 percent for automotive application processors.

“The automotive industry is rapidly transitioning to assisted driving and fully autonomous vehicles,” said Imagination Technologies CEO Leo Li, in a statement. “PowerVR has extensive experience in the automotive semiconductor market, and as the requirements for power and performance continue to evolve, PowerVR is committed to remaining ahead of the curve. Imagination is excited to deliver this package that allows the growing group of automotive players to address the complex requirements of this market.”

Imagination Technologies is heading toward self-driving car technology.

Above: Imagination Technologies is heading toward self-driving car technology.

Image Credit: Imagination Technologies

In the past, it took five years for automakers to design their products. Not anymore.

“The speed of progress in automotive is finally approaching that of Imagination’s traditional markets, such as mobile,” said Dominique Bonte, analyst for vertical markets at ABI Research, in a statement. “Imagination’s dedicated PowerVR Automotive suite will allow automotive semiconductor vendors to accelerate time to market in terms of supporting automotive requirements like functional safety, virtualization, and power optimization through a turnkey solution.”

Based on the PowerVR Furian architecture, the Series8XT-A is a new member of the Series8XT family of GPUs targeted at cluster, HUD, infotainment, and the digital cockpit, as well as ADAS functions.

The PowerVR Series8XT-A GPU is available for licensing now. The next generation of PowerVR GPUs and neural network processors for automotive will be available in 2019.