Intel opened its CES 2019 press event with the announcement of six new 9th Gen Core processors.

Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s client computing group, said onstage at the Las Vegas event that Intel would refresh everything in its lineup, from Core i3 to Core i9 processors.

And Bryant said that Intel would launch its mobile 9th Gen Core processors in the second quarter. He said that a chip code-named Ice Lake, coming later this year, would be built on a 10-nanometer manufacturing process, compared with a 14-nanometer process on other, less powerful chips.

“We are in a new era of computing, defined by the innovative use of data on every tech platform,” Bryant said.

Ice Lake has a number of new instructions that help with tasks such as cryptography and artificial intelligence processing.

It’s time for Intel to do this refresh, as Intel is under a lot of competitive pressure. It suffered a delay in 10-nanometer manufacturing, a slowdown in Moore’s law, and the renewed competitiveness of Advanced Micro Devices, which has captured a higher share of the processor market with its Zen processor architecture. Then there’s competition from Qualcomm in mobile devices and ARM’s allies in the internet of things.

Bryant said, however, that the PC plays a key role going forward.

“What makes the PC special is it is the place people go to focus,” he said. “80 percent of people go to the PC as place to focus and do the work that matters to them.”

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