In the not-so-distant past, if you wanted to become a successful movie writer, you needed to have a sea of connections in Hollywood and access to the industry’s most powerful producers in order to get noticed. Thankfully those times are behind us, and practically anyone with a great idea and a solid pitch can transform a simple script into a full-fledged film on even a modest budget.

But you still need the right tools and formatting if you want your script to be taken seriously by both indie and Hollywood producers and directors. WriterDuet Pro is an industry-standard program that allows you to quickly and effectively draft your next great screenplay idea, and right now a lifetime subscription is available for over 55 percent off at just $99.99.

Ideal for both solo writers and those who thrive on collaboration, this streamlined and intuitive platform makes it easier than ever to transform basic ideas of plots and characters into a finished and polished storyline.

Designed by screenwriters for screenwriters, WriterDuet Pro allows you to work with other writers in real-time, through a series of formatting tools and shortcuts that cut down on production time so you can focus more on the most important elements of your ideas.

You’ll be able to outline your script on a collaborative cork board, write quickly using industry-standard formatting conventions, and easily import or export your work to Final Draft, Fountain, Word, and a number of other go-to writing platforms for final distribution.

You’ll also be able to edit, color, and move index cards on the real-time collaborative cork board in order to fuel new ideas and patch up holes in your storyline.

Find out for yourself why Ed Solomon (Men in Black) has dubbed WriterDuet Pro the ”most intuitive, most user-friendly scriptwriting software” he’s ever used. Usually listed at $239, a lifetime subscription to this game-changing program is currently available for just $99.99 — over 55 percent off for a limited time.

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