Python is considered by many professional coders to be one of the best first languages for beginners to learn. There are a few reasons for that. As far as coding languages go, it’s fairly easy to learn due to its simple syntax, powerful enough to perform an outsized variety of tasks, and about as general-purpose as programming languages come, usable in everything from web development to game design to more niche uses like tracking weather data. If you’re looking for a new hobby or want to add a skill to your resume that can help you climb the career ladder, you could do much worse than Python. Right now, you can take a deep dive into Python for a price of your choosing with the Pay What You Want: The Python Master Class Bundle.

This 10-course bundle is suitable for coders of all skill levels, featuring content for both absolute beginners and more intermediate Python coders. Not only does it cover the general basics of Python, but this bundle also allows you to delve into many of today’s specific use cases. You’ll build a foundation in web programming, data analysis, machine learning, game development, explore some of Python’s unique libraries, and much more. It’s the kind of comprehensive education you might find in a semester-long coding class but with lifetime access to 58 hours of content, you can take as much time as you need or want with the material.

Here’s how it works: Beat the average price paid and you’ll unlock all ten courses. Pay anything at all and you’ll get the final course on object-oriented programming. Regardless, you’re getting something worthwhile. The Pay What You Want: The Python Master Class Bundle is available now in VB Deals.

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