If you’re like me, you care more about the buzz around Super Bowl commercials than you do about the game itself. So TiVo has once again created its TiVo GameSkip solution, which lets you record the commercials for the Super Bowl and skip the game altogether.

The brands that create those commercials and spend more than $1 million apiece on them will appreciate this, although normal sports fans will see it as a sacrilege. But TiVo said that last year’s version of GameSkip was quite popular.

It’s the reverse of SkipMode, which lets you skip commericals and watch a show. To use GameSkip, you need a TiVo account to work with your digital video recorder. You can use GameSkip by signing into TiVo and recording the game. After recording it, look for the on-screen “Skip” icon next to the recording. Hit play, press the Skip button, and you will zip to the start of the next commercial break.