A slight majority of executives aren’t confident in their IT teams’ technical prowess, according to a recent survey conducted by research firm IDC. About 65 percent of chief information officers reported that a lack of talent is holding their employer back, and 46 percent of employers said they outsource some of their IT work as a result — despite the increased cost.

Today, Lenovo pitched its solution to the IT talent shortfall — TruScale. The company describes the new datacenter service offering as a “consumption-based” plan that allows customers to rent on-premise hardware without having to purchase it outright. For a monthly fee, they get dedicated customer service, a real-time dashboard that provides usage, billing, and e-ticketing services, plus a proprietary metering solution that’s based on power consumption.

It’s available for purchase through Lenovo sales representatives and channel partners globally.

“Lenovo is accelerating our customers’ Intelligent Transformation and digital journey by providing them with a new way of securing and deploying infrastructure,” said Roderick Lappin, senior vice president at Lenovo Data Center Group. “By eliminating the capital expense of purchasing IT equipment and replacing [it] with a subscription model, customers can now focus on supporting their business growth, knowing that they’ll have the right flexibility across their environment.”

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Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile product portfolios are on tap with TruScale, which includes hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance, removal, and upgrades, in addition to the above-mentioned services. Subscribers pay only for capacity when workloads are actively running, the company says, and these workloads can be scaled up or down as needed without penalty. (There’s no minimum capacity investment.)

“Lenovo’s TruScale-as-a-service offering is truly revolutionary, changing how IT departments procure and refresh their datacenter infrastructure. With our subscription-based model, customers pay for what they use, eliminating upfront capital purchase risk,” said Laura Laltrello, vice president and general manager of services at Lenovo Data Center Group.

TruScale’s debut comes as Lenovo’s datacenter business continues to experience small but meaningful growth. For the fiscal quarter ending June 30, the company hauled in $1.6 billion in revenue — a 67.8 percent increase year-on-year and an all-time high. Profitability rose by 11 percent, driven largely by the division’s hyperscale server business and flash storage systems sales, which grew by nearly 100 percent and 42 percent year-on-year, respectively.