Google Cloud will provide Nvidia Quadro Virtual Workstation instance support with Nvidia graphics processing units (GPU) including the powerful T4, which made its debut in datacenters last fall.

Quadro Virtual Workstation instance support is also provided in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace with Nvidia GPUs, but Google Cloud is now the only public cloud provider offering T4 acceleration.

Operating on the RTX server platform with Turing architecture Nvidia introduced last year, the Nvidia Quadro Virtual Workstation is made for the acceleration of visuals for creative and technical professionals in gaming, artificial intelligence, and research.

Nvidia V100, P100, and P4 GPUs will also be supported on Google Cloud. The news was announced today at the first day of Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

Quadro Virtual Workstation for the enhancement of services for visual and technical professionals is currently in private beta and will be generally available later this month in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.