In another piece of bad news for Samsung, the Galaxy Wearable app supporting Samsung smartwatches is experiencing sign-in problems, leaving new users on the Samsung Community forum (via The Verge) unable to set up their devices, while existing users can’t install apps or perform backups. The issue appears to have started last Thursday and persisted through the weekend, a service outage that one user described as leaving his watch “useless.”

Though Galaxy Wearable is a companion app for Galaxy Watch, Fit, and Gear devices, it’s required to fully set up and manage the smartwatches’ apps. While users of Samsung’s own devices don’t appear to be affected, those loading the app across other manufacturers’ phones are seeing a white box when they attempt to sign in, preventing app downloads, backups, restorations, and access to previously downloaded watch faces.

Users began to report issues on Samsung’s Community forums on Thursday, and the post is already up to 67 pages. Additional threads on Reddit and discussions on Twitter confirm the issue. Beyond hitting multiple manufacturers’ devices, the log-in issues appear to be impacting accounts across multiple countries.

After 63 pages of comments, Samsung’s moderator today acknowledged the problem with an escalation to an appropriate department. The company hasn’t commented more broadly on the issue yet.

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