If you’re a G Suite admin who’s dreamed of the day you’ll be able to track app usage across your organization, good news: It has finally arrived. Google this morning announced that Work Insights, a G Suite tool designed to surface insights around app adoption, work patterns, and collaboration, is now generally available for Enterprise customers.

Work Insights is accessible to super admins and delegated admins. At the organizational level, team insights are only shown for teams of 10 people or more.

Work Insights launched in beta last year and today gained a few new features to mark its broad launch. Now credentialed users and managers can view usage of legacy non-G Suite apps and take advantage of more powerful filtering capabilities via groups filtering. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file and macro open rates now appear within the Work Insights dashboard, allowing admins to identify legacy licenses that no longer need to be renewed as users transition to G Suite. As for the aforementioned filters, they include groups for now — admins can whitelist specific members to be included in Work Insights, letting them focus on specific subsets in order to drill deeper into collaboration data.

For the uninitiated, Work Insights highlights things like which teams are adopting G Suite and which programs they use most frequently, in addition to which apps teams are spending time in and how much time they’re spending in meetings. It aims more generally to help team leaders and executives keep tabs on collaboration by tracking meetings, file sharing, and document interactions with at-a-glance overviews of app popularity. Work Insights might show that Gmail is actively used by 99% of employees, for example, while Hangouts may only be used by 62%.

The rollout of Work Insights follows on the heels of G Suite’s investigation tool, which launched eight months ago and helps security personnel and admins identify and manage security threats within their company, enabling them to spot suspicious activity on employee devices or see whether Google Drive access has been shared externally.