Wescover announces the close of their $3 million seed round with major investors Draper Associates, Floodgate, Tank Hill Ventures, and Maveron.

Similar to Airbnb who made it possible for any room to become a hotel, Wescover makes any space a showroom. Wescover gives physical objects digital context- like in a store or a gallery -so that consumers can find the brands and stories behind them. Whether they experience the hand-made lighting in the Ace Hotel or spot the colorful wall hanging in Influencer Emily Henderson’s house, consumers can look up the item and reveal the exact product online.

Tim Draper, Partner at Draper Associates, “We loved Rachely [founder] and Wescover’s vision of turning the world into a showroom. We strongly believe that the world is gearing up for discovery and search in the physical world, and we are impressed by Wescover’s technology and rapid spread. This is the future of discovery.”

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Wescover is already the most comprehensive catalog of mapped objects in the world and the only new marketplace of experiential e-commerce opportunities connected to influential brands. The company has more than 50,000 images of unique products mapped in spaces coast-to-coast from exclusive furniture in SF, to unique lighting in NY, and wall hangings in LA. Over 5,000 local brands and independent artists are already using the site to map their work, and get discovered using these authentic “showrooms.” Wescover estimates that there are over 55 million brands worldwide with 220 million products in those “showrooms” waiting to be credited.

Wescover is not just an invisible tag on sold products, but a network of connections that reveals more about the physical world and helps us trust new brands and spaces. David Wu, Partner at Maveron stated, “Like IMDB lets us discover more about the crew involved in the making of our favorite films, Wescover reveals how spaces, objects and brands come together to create an experience.” Like choosing a movie because you love the director, Wescover reveals credibility by association. This expands the ability for even local brands to get discovered authentically without having to pay for a dedicated retail space.

Wescover is building a future where every object has a story and our physical environments are rich with digital context.

Wescover Content Director
Allison Murray