A group of college students and sales executives have combined forces to create the world’s first National Collegiate Sales Club. This new organization is 100% focused on sales and 100% focused on college students. Vendition Sales Society (VSS) has been launched to bridge the gap between the skills and experience college students have and employers desire.

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Vendition Sales Society Founding Chapter Presidents (Photo: Business Wire)

Vendition Sales Society Founding Chapter Presidents (Photo: Business Wire)

Sales is the most popular profession in the United States and yet less than 1% of colleges and universities have even 1 class on the subject. Vendition Sales Society will focus on providing sales training & education to college students, creating networking opportunities, and helping individuals find internships and full-time jobs in the sales profession.

Co-founder of Vendition Sales Society, James Nielsen, mentions “I’ve been hiring recent college graduates for entry-level positions my entire career and it’s frustrating that the vast majority of students are not only graduating with no sales training, but most don’t even know anything about the profession. Many think of a pushy used car salesman from the movies trying to sell a vehicle to someone that doesn’t need a car.”

In reality, sales is the number one job most self-made billionaires and millionaires held before they acquired their wealth and yet most college students don’t consider the profession until later in life. It’s also the number one first job out of college for CEOs.

“Vendition Sales Society will work to generate awareness of the sales profession while also focusing on providing the training, networking, and job opportunities to its members,” says James Nielsen.

In addition to the training, networking, and job resources provided at the national level, college campuses across the United States are setting up individual chapters on their campus. Initial chapters include University of California at Berkeley, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Jose State, San Diego State, University of San Francisco and 14 more will be set up in the coming weeks as students get back on campus.

Cal Berkeley’s President of Vendition Sales Society, Michael Williams, says “I’ve been working for over a year with James and the founding team on establishing this organization and I’m excited we’re finally out of stealth. We have ambitious plans for the Cal chapter and I’m looking forward to helping my fellow students learn about sales.”

San Diego State Vendition Sales Society President, JennaRae DeMaio mentioned “Many SDSU graduates go into sales but it’s usually those recruited by friends. I’m looking forward to helping my peers have more opportunities and be more prepared for day 1 on the job.”

James Nielsen, who is also the CEO of Vendition, the tech sales apprenticeship company. “The word Vendition means the act of selling and is used in the names of both organizations but these are completely separate entities. Vendition Sales Society members will have access to significant resources provided by such as our Sales Bootcamp™, Collegiate Sales Certification course, and the sales internship job board we built exclusively for the sales society.”

Trent Waltz, President of UC Santa Barbara Vendition Sales Society, mentions “in addition to the sales training, I’m looking forward to helping UCSB students build their network and find mentorship opportunities.”

Nielsen says VSS will work closely with universities to enhance the students’ educational experience. “Sales is a profession that is best taught with actual on the job experience. We believe in learn-by-doing and the academic environment isn’t a perfect structure for sales. Rather than ask universities to start offering this major, we decided it was time to bring our curriculum on campus and work with universities to provide sales training and actual real world selling.”

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