The Lenovo Smart Clock, a smart speaker with 5-inch display tailor-made for bedside nightstands, can now act as a digital photo frame for the display of Google Photos albums.

The Lenovo Smart Clock can show a clock, timer, weather, alarms, or video doorbell footage, but is less functional than other Google Assistant smart displays like the Nest Home Hub and Hub Max, due out September 9.

The digital photo frame is likely being added to keep up with Amazon’s Echo Show 5. Similar in size and functionality, the Echo Show 5 with Alexa made its debut in June and can also act as a digital photo frame.

Continued Conversation is also being extended to Google Assistant with Lenovo Smart Clock, a feature that makes it possible to talk with the AI assistant without the need to say “Hey, Google” after the first exchange.

The changes introduced today come as part of a software update rolling out this week.

Last week, Google Assistant for Home speakers and smartphones got the ability to assign reminders to up to 6 members of a household.

In other Google Nest news, on Wednesday, an anonymous source said the Nest Mini smart speaker is reportedly due out soon with better sound than its predecessor, the Google Home Mini.