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We’re not that far away from 2022, which is when Gartner has predicted that AI’s hype-cycle treadmill is going to shift into go-time technology, with the market value expected to hit $3.22 trillion. If you manage to stay away from the over-promising and under-delivering of the buzz around AI and learn how to adopt the technology to transform your business, Forrester reports that you and your tech-savvy peers are on track to steal $1.2 trillion in market share from those that have been a little less on the ball.

But many of the future-proofing companies that have always believed in the promise of artificial intelligence have been struggling to implement it. The top obstacle has always been the ability to formulate a clear AI strategy.

The underlying issues start with the familiar shortage of top-tier software engineering talent. Even more important is the leadership and forward-thinking required to take a fully functioning company completely apart in order to rebuild it into a stronger, fully functioning AI-first powerhouse, across every department.

Disruption of your own company is the first step toward disrupting your industry, and without taking that drastic, essential move, you’re in danger of falling behind. It’s the only way you’ll be able to move fast enough to identify your business needs from the start, and as they evolve, to develop not just an overall winning AI strategy at the beginning, but adapt on the fly and execute quickly across every team and department.

Now, most companies have a general intention to create clear and uninterrupted communication and collaboration between every department (a symptom of which is the ubiquitous open-plan office). However, what usually happens is that departments specialize, siloes are built, information is hoarded, and leadership, however on the same page it is, isn’t working together to develop the kind of company-wide goals and strategy that it takes to not just leverage AI, but actually unlock the transformative power that the technology is capable of delivering.

It needs to start at the top, with business leaders who understand the breathtaking scope of AI opportunities that are actually available, and the threats to the business that are looming if they don’t get it right. Leadership is responsible for breaking through the skepticism and the hype, breaking down the abstract nature of the technology into real, concrete possibilities, start to finish, and the steps that it will take to move the whole company forward as a whole. That includes breaking down those siloes and working horizontally in order to allow every part of your business to leverage the advantages that AI brings, and together turn those advantages into a company-wide business strategy that impacts your bottom line.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to identify areas of opportunity and look at how each of these areas connect
  • How to put necessary support in place to make AI meaningful
  • How to ask the right questions about your data
  • How to collect the required datasets to truly transform your business
  • How to anticipate the user experience
  • How to create a rally point around what it means to employ this type of technology
  • What decisions are required to implement at scale


  • John Fremont, Founder & Chief AI Officer, Hypergiant
  • André Cunha, Digital Innovation Manager at Nestlé
  • Joe Maglitta, Moderator