Apple unveiled its Apple Watch Series 5 today at an event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s headquarters. I got a close look at the device after the announcement and shot this video.

Sorry for the vertical shot. But you can get an idea for some of the features. It isn’t so different from last year’s Series 4 watch, but there are some small tweaks for the $400 and up price.

This watch has an always-on display, so when you are exercising, you can always see how many seconds have lapsed by just glancing at the watch, even if it has entered low-power mode. You can also see your watch face in the low-power mode. The battery lasts for 18 hours — still not a whole day. It has a low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display and a low-power display driver.

When you move your wrist, the display will switch back to full brightness.

Meanwhile, Apple will drop the price of the Series 3 watch to $199, and the Series 4 has been dropped from the lineup.

The watch is available with recycled aluminum or titanium finishes. The stainless steel and ceramic options from prior models are also available. It has a compass app and emergency calling for international countries. Some people had hoped that Apple would launch its own sleep-tracking app, but it did not do so. Apple did show a video of a number of people who survived life-threatening situations because of health alerts from the Apple Watch.

The GPS model of the Apple Watch Series 5 costs $400, and the cellular-connected version is $500. You can order it today and it will ship in stores on September 20.

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