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2019 is wrapping up — time to take stock of the customer service trends that shaped the year, and get positioned for 2020. Join this VB Live event for a look at the predictions that came true, the hype that fizzled, and what’s next for AI, CX, and chatbot technology.

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Don’t underestimate the power of end-of-the-year wrap-ups on business decisions. With 2020 right around the corner, it’s time to take a good hard look at how you’ve measured up to your own goals for the year, whether you’ve kept pace with your competition, and if your own predictions for the year came true.

In Forrester’s 2018 report on customer service and AI, the company reported that 2019 was about to be the Year of the Human, complete with workers revolting against the robots who were taking over their jobs and consumer backlash against badly done chatbots. A variety of surveys reporting that up to 50% of consumers wanted their live agents back or thought chatbots were the worst seemed to back Forrester’s warnings up.

In the meantime. Forbes predicted that consumers would be embracing voice assistants wholeheartedly and the chatbots were about to evolve to their next and final, lucrative form.

Turns out there were no violent engagements in the streets, nor consumers and customer service agents taking up arms against data scientists and the business leaders they served. Instead, the conversation around how AI-powered customer service technology could enhance human work (rather than replace it) gained steam.

In 2019, smart companies started investing in bot technology because it was clear that despite reservations, consumers were slowly coming around, and having the infrastructure in place now would help businesses prepare for the next step in customer service technology.

So what’s going to happen in 2020? Businesses can’t afford to go into it blind, and staying competitive is increasingly the difference between companies that are able to pivot on a dime and the companies that miss the train. Now is the time to get armed for what’s coming by breaking down the good and the bad of what happened in 2019, and thinking about what it means for the year that’s almost here.

Join this VB Live event to keep your company on top of the customer experiences trends that will matter most in 2020, learn from the advances of 2019, and find out why Gartner thinks next year is go-time for your chatbot investments.

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You’ll learn about:

  • The future of customer engagement
  • The challenges, opportunities and trends in universal accessibility
  • How digital technology and AI impacts in-store experiences
  • Finding the happy medium of personalization
  • Why privacy and security is a customer service issue


  • Ken Dodelin, VP Conversational AI Products, CapitalOne
  • Prince Arora, Director Product Management, Albertsons Companies
  • Katherine Hird, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bold360 by LogMeIn