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“Your hiring strategy can be one of the key differentiators for a small business, especially in a competitive market,” says David Hughson, VP for the Technology Sector at TriNet. “Companies that invest their time in getting it right are going to see the fruits of their labor, especially in a tech market where they compete for talent against big brands with deep pockets.”

Competing with larger tech companies is challenging. They may have more resources to develop training programs, have an internship program, pay higher salaries and can offer a variety of non-traditional benefits. It’s not just the tech giants but also the established finance and consulting firms as well as other traditional industries who are seeking similarly skilled talent.

“In cases where you’re trying to compete dollar-for-dollar by offering higher salaries, that’s likely going to be a losing proposition,” Hughson says. “The way to win talent is to convey your company as an employer of choice. Make sure your company culture accurately reflects your reputation in the marketplace, your practices, and your benefits. Put your best foot forward in every direction and weave that high-quality impression into every aspect of your business.”

“Your brand image should be conveyed in your hiring practices,” Hughson says. “You’re not just selling the position within the business but your company’s culture as a great place to work.”

Use your size as an advantage. Today’s tech talent is attracted to innovative companies where they feel they can make a difference, which may be more difficult at a larger organization. They want to align themselves within a strong company culture that drives innovation. Working at a startup can be more attractive since their contribution can have a greater impact motivated by purpose — not just perks.

Treat hiring as a key business practice. Traditionally, many fast-growing companies do not have a hiring strategy in place. Often, the people who are doing the hiring are department leads or sales or engineering managers who don’t have expertise in talent acquisition. It’s usually just a small piece of their overall focus and responsibility because they’re wearing multiple hats and have limited resources or time to develop a recruiting program or strategy. A well-thought-out process needs to be initiated from the start, whether that means you get an in-house resource dedicated to talent acquisition, create an internal team or outsource HR to experts that can develop a strategy from the get-go.

To attract the right talent, look beyond salary. Design an overall rewards package that includes traditional as well as non-traditional benefits that can be low-cost or no-cost. Convenience and flexibility, such as the option to work remotely, have become increasingly more valued by employees. Other non-traditional perks that tech companies are adopting include student loan assistance, pet insurance, or providing free lunches. By offering the flexibility and benefits that are important to employees, you create a solid, supportive work environment that is eminently more attractive to talent in the tech space.

Throughout the process, you can benefit tremendously from an infrastructure that utilizes HR technology to support candidates and employees throughout their employment life cycle and across multiple geographies. Whether it’s to help candidates communicate with your company during the recruitment stage or to track their applications and to set a positive ongoing experience, efficient HR technology is essential. It can support your HR efforts to seal your future and support your employees through that journey.

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Key takeaways:

  • How to manage your company’s explosive growth from the HR front
  • Actionable recruiting strategies to effectively attract the right talent
  • How to hire and retain a diverse and digitally skilled talent pool
  • What premium benefits potential employees want


Joseph Furnari: Joe is CEO for, a fast-growing Silicon Beach startup that allows car owners to rent their idle cars to Uber and Lyft drivers safely, securely and reliably.

David Hughson: As VP of Sales for the technology sector at TriNet, Dave helps tech startups get the HR services they need to manage their payroll, provide access to  benefits, mitigate HR risk, and attract and retain a high-quality workforce.