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No one wants to develop a marketing strategy by the seat of their pants — the massive role data plays in the most successful initiatives has made it clear that there’s a better way. Data-driven marketing has made a significant impact on digital initiatives, but what about your offline events? Those are too often only tenuously connected to the rest of your marketing strategy, with data gathered manually and then also input manually into your existing system.

But events, one of the most successful prong of a marketing strategy, can get hooked firmly into the rest of your digital strategies with event marketing technology, with measurable goals and solid KPIs to measure, says Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder, 24Notion.

“Now we can draw a straight line from our online strategic touchpoint, whether it’s engagement like a simple email or ad banner, or promotion via social, with those companies and individuals we’re going after, to the event itself,” Lukas says. “C-level or director level and up, they’re so busy, but now at an event you can start from a common ground.”

When an event is planned with these considerations and the KPIs in mind, you unlock the ability to know what engagements to repeat, what strategies to pursue and which to drop. Because there are so many moving parts with events, it can take a lot of trial and error.

But part of that is also building up a proven track record — hosting an event that offers a lot of opportunity and value to your attendees. Or being an event exhibitor that companies want to stop and interact with, because historically you deliver the information and kinds of interactions that attendees are looking for. All because you have the solid data behind you.

So it’s important that the right data is being collected and pursued, Lukas says. For example, you can offer a white paper on a landing page that can serve as lead gen, but will also provide valuable data to track from pre- to post-event. You can then see who downloaded the white paper, what actions they took during the event, and determine how to follow up most effectively after the event.

For 24Notion, a key signal has been location, which can inform the next steps in an event marketing strategy, Lukas says. For example, let’s say you see you’re getting quite a lot of engagement from the Northeast area, and New York in particular.

“That data is key — you might say we should do regional or local events, and target the market in New York,” she explains. “For the next quarter, we could leverage a roundtable or think tank for the C-level executives in that area.”

Tracking attendee movements, from outreach to the event itself, has also been key. Event technology enables you to scan attendee badges and connect that attendee’s information and location to your own CRM.

This enables you look at what engagements were successful — did outreach on social result in the most attendees, for example? Did those accounts just attend the event, or did they visit the booth as well? Did they take it a step further and attend the cocktail hour or dinner? And at each point, how can you encourage these attendees to take that next step in engagement?

“It’s a very calculated, very strategic move to make sure that all of the components are very integrated,” Lukas explains. “The outreach, the email that needs to drop for them two weeks before, and then also an invitation to take a tour in your booth, join you for drinks, and all of it incented with prize drawings and extra gifts.”

Personalization is key, she adds, and the data you gather at every event, from who attends to repeat attendees and the feedback attendees provide is what helps you create a great journey and great customer experience.

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  • Sharon Summers, Director, Global Events, CPA Global
  • Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder, 24Notion
  • Patrick Smith, CMO, Cvent