GitHub is releasing an Android app in beta today for developers to collaborate together on the go. The GitHub mobile app allows users to address or merge pull requests, file an issue, check and clear notifications, join discussions, and quickly find out when they’re mentioned by other developers.

The app will first be available to a limited number of developers signed up for the Android beta waitlist.

At GitHub Universe last fall where the GitHub iOS app was released in beta, CEO Nat Friedman predicted that half of all interactions on the code repository will take place on mobile devices within the next 5 years.

VentureBeat reached out to GitHub director of engineering Ryan Nystrom to find out what kind of capabilities it plans to offer in the future in order to fulfill Friedman’s prediction but did not hear back before this story was published. Story text will be updated when we hear back.

Also at Universe last fall, GitHub made the Actions tool for sharing and automating workflows generally available, introduced the Security Lab, and launched the Arctic Code Vault for saving open source code in a defunct Norwegian coal mine.

More than 40 million developers worldwide use GitHub for programming open source or private projects, and according to the 2019 GitHub Octoverse report, more than 80% of repository contributions come from outside the United States.

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