Let’s face it; data redundancy is not everyone’s favorite topic of conversation.

However, to go without a proper backup plan and to hope for the best is fool-hardy in 2020. When everything from tax documents and precious memories, in the form of pictures and videos, are all stored digitally, data loss is a subject not to be taken lightly.

Luckily, it’s never been easier and cheaper to create backups of all of your files. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Polar Cloud Backup will cost you just $80, a significant discount from its already reduced price of $100.

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how cloud backups work: remote drives and servers, owned by a host or vendor, store all of your uploaded files. This method keeps your documents safe from fires, floods, and loss.

With this service, you can store up to 5TB of data in a remote drive — that’s a lot. The University of Oregon estimates that 500 hours worth of movies in one terabyte, for most people, this plan is enough to last a lifetime. Conveniently, that’s how long this subscription spans.

To get started, you can select what files to back up and set a schedule for how often the Polar Backup agent will automatically refresh and upload new files. Furthermore, unlike other syncing solutions, Polar Backup will keep your files regardless of whether or not you delete them from your primary device. Simply put, even if you accidentally delete an important file, Polar has you covered. (Of course, you can manually delete them in Polar, if you so desire.)

Better still, you’ll be glad to know that all of your files are protected your data with 256-Bit AES encryption, widely considered to be virtually impenetrable with brute force attempts. Right now, the Polar Backup client on your PC or Mac, with mobile apps coming this year.

Unlike other cloud storage services, this offer requires no additional monthly payment. Which means, this investment gets better annually. You can buy a lifetime subscription to Polar Cloud Backup by clicking here today.

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