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Man, it’s been a long, long, long pandemic. And, while the world seems optimistically poised toward a mostly post-COVID reality in the coming months, the effects of what’s happened over the past year will extend far beyond 2020 and 2021.

Though many companies are slowly starting to welcome workers back to their old stomping grounds at the office, many millions more are still working from home. And in many cases, that will be the new normal indefinitely.

Considering that home office might be your long-term work home going forward, maybe it’s time to treat it like your long-term work home. And c’mon…who wants to be looking at those same blank, boring off-white walls for the rest of their professional life?

Whether you’ve got a home office that’s exceedingly drab or just needs an artistically minded shot in the arm, Fine Art America can help. For the past 15 years, they’ve become a curated home allowing independent artists and photographers to sell their work directly to appreciative customers without all the middlemen.

Once artists upload their work to Fine Art America, customers can have that work emblazoned across literally hundreds of different items, including everything from tote bags and jigsaw puzzles to mugs and t-shirts. But, of course, nothing garners more attention than a lovingly crafted piece of museum-quality wall art, literally hanging the owner’s personal tastes and attitudes on the wall as a piece of the decor.

For the thousands of brilliant artworks and images in the Fine Art America library, buyers can also choose from a variety of formats for their chosen piece, from canvas or metal to acrylic, framed posters or even wood prints.

While you can browse the vast Fine Art America catalog for the piece that screams you, there’s one thing that’s certain: there’s a whole host of options available for literally every type of art lover there is.

For the traditionalist

If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of iconic art, but didn’t have the hundreds of millions it would take to buy the work of a master, Fine Art America has dozens of classic pieces to help turn an office into an art gallery. You’ll never own the original of Edward Hopper’s 1942 historic ode to urban loneliness Nighthawks, but through FAA, you can hang a Hopper in your space and stare at it in wonder all day long.

For the stone-cold cool

Thousands of brilliant images can become full sized wall hangings, from gorgeous landscapes to your favorite celebrities. If there’s anything that instantly classifies you as an iconoclast more than a framed print of sunglass-shrouded legendary actor, Steve McQueen, nonchalantly pointing a gun from his seat on the couch, we couldn’t find it.

For the post-modernist

If you’re looking for something that actually requires a viewer to stop and inspect the work for a moment, here’s one that definitely commands attention. Anybody can display a world map. But how many people can hang a world map in the style of an underground subway system with all the world’s biggest cities represented as travel stations? Answer: not many.

For the family firster

As you toil away at your daily work projects, it’s always heartening to remember why you’re working so hard in the first place. Instead of photos of the family in tiny frames on your desk, you can instead become the artist yourself, turning a photo of loved ones into a full sized painting. And this ain’t Photoshop. You can upload your image and a master portrait artist will digitally recreate your photo with hand-painted brush strokes.

Check out Fine Art America and bring some beauty into your world.

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