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There are plenty of apps that can assess the bare bones of a writer’s work. Apps can check for typos, fix punctuation errors, catch agreement issues, and might even give a heads up if it spots a sentence fragment or an awkward turn of phrase.

But if a writer is assembling uninspired prose in a technically correct format, most apps won’t say a word. They don’t judge the quality of the work, just that rules like appropriate use of their, there, and they’re; as well as i before e except after c is used the right way.

The Award-Winning ProWritingAid app goes the extra mile, enlisting artificial intelligence to not only make sure writing is adhering to proper English rules but that it’s actually a pleasure to read too. ProWritingAid is basically the difference between hiring a student to check your writing for mistakes or having a seasoned editor on-call to offer real feedback and new suggestions to improve what you’ve written as well as everything you’ll write in the future.

So far, over 2 million writers already trust ProWritingAid to help keep their work sharp and on point. Once you start your ProWritingAid subscription, the app is now on duty, literally spot-checking as you write and calling attention to structure and style issues as you go. 

As you craft a sentence, ProWritingAid offers real-time feedback, including thousands of grammar, spelling, and readability issues. You check the popup window that springs to life, and if you decide the app is right with a suggested change that adds to the strength and style of your writing, click the box and ProWritingAid will automatically make the change for you.

In addition to those in-document prompts, ProWritingAid offers 20 in-depth writing reports you can run that go beyond the grammar, spotting bad writing habits like repetitiveness, vague wording, awkward sentence length, passive voice, over-complicated sentence constructions, and so more. Results are also presented with vivid visualizations that can really help drive home a point and make the case for necessary changes.

Of course, what you likely don’t realize is that ProWritingAid is also making you a better writer as you go, helping impart important writing rules in the moment that start to become ingrained in all of your work going forward. 

In addition to a lifetime of ProWritingAid service, this package also features access to all the resources of ProWritingAid University, a reservoir of self-paced courses, live training workshops, and actual human support when needed. From monthly writing challenges with daily exercises to a vast community of fellow writers to enlist, the service further ups your writing game to assure you’re achieving your best possible work.

The Award-Winning ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle is usually valued at $1,899, but in addition to a sizeable discount, users can now also enjoy an extra 20 percent savings when they use the WELOVEDAD Father’s Day Sale code during checkout. That drops your final price to only $159.20

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