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There are times of uncertainty, and there are times like these. From the Covid-19 pandemic to the recent doomsday-level climate change warnings, the whole world is in a bit of a whirl.

The knock-on effect of all this uncertainty is that the financial markets get very jittery. The threat of inflation soaring rises with every uncertain day, and people are confused about where to invest their hard-earned cash.

In May of 2021, the U.S. Consumer Price Index jumped by 5% in headline inflation. This kind of figure has not been seen since 2008 and preceded the catastrophic global economic crisis later that year.

In August 2021, however, the claim is that the U.S. has, in fact, already bounced back and that the recession is over.

While this may sound like good news, there is the strong possibility that further growth is only equally as likely as a double-dip recession.

Grab your gold

When things look bleak economically speaking, smart investors have historically turned to gold. This has been true for centuries and makes even more sense today when people who should know are claiming this — such as Livermore Partners Chief Investment Officer David Neuhauser who says he believes commodities are at the start of a new “supercycle” that will generate significant returns in the next three to five years.

With so much chaos and uncertainty going around, the idea of commodities entering their own “supercycle” sounds like something too good to be missed.

At Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), we believe that we’re one of the few companies that are perfectly positioned to be at the very center of this supercycle since our company’s primary focus is on the production, supply, and sale of precious and base metals.

Our privileged position within this field and our organization’s solid fundamentals have seen us catch the attention of the rapidly growing Stocktwits and Reddit retail investors who are hoping we’ll be the next GameStop, but ours is a project with much more substance to it than mere social media hype.

Some may call it luck, but in the last year, we have been aggressively expanding our operations at what seems to have been precisely the right time.

After selling our principal gold mining site, we used the $82 million generated from that sale to reinvest in other gold-rich mining areas and also shift some of our focus into what we believe could be an even bigger winner.

Remember that “supercycle” for commodities that was about to hit?

Well, what if there was also something that could be even better? There is, and Asia Broadband is a part of it.

But first, it’s always good to get a little more context.

The great crypto lie (they tell)

If you follow much mainstream media, you could be forgiven for thinking that the age of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has already come and gone. It was a fad that a few gained from but which at most lost.

It’s destroying the environment. Governments want to shut it down. It’s time to get out while you still can.

For the ill-informed, this kind of fake news could seem believable. Most of these things are partially true, but what’s most important when making any financial decision is to look at the fundamentals.

The total market capitalization of the crypto market in August 2021 is $1.94 trillion.

In August 2020, the crypto market cap stood at $378 billion. To add a little context to those numbers, the market cap for Bitcoin alone in August 2021 is $875 billion.

The truth is that we are in the nascent years of a period in time where digital currencies will continue to grow until they become the dominant financial force that the whole world uses to exchange for goods and services.

If this is accepted as even somewhat true, all savvy investors must now bring their funds locked away in banks and low-yielding traditional asset classes and make the move to the future.

And there is no better way to do that than by combining the historically safe hedge of gold with the dynamic strength of the crypto future.

This is where we come back into the conversation.

The AABB gold token

Crypto is for real, and a lot of “gold-backed” crypto projects have recently emerged, looking to play on the fact that many traditional investors would now like to hold the security of gold while also dipping into the potentially much more profitable crypto sphere.

The problem with these projects is that they are not actually backed by gold, or the entry levels are ridiculously high for the average investor.

On the other hand, our AABB Gold Token project leverages the historical power of gold, wraps it up in crypto, and places this opportunity in the hands of the people.

The proceeds from the mine sale mentioned earlier, of which a large part was paid in bullion, back the AABBG token 100%. This unique vertical integration of mine-to-gold backing makes our gold-backed crypto project like no other.

The minimum price of the AABBG token is set at the current spot price of gold, which reduces investors’ risk. Although this should not be a big concern for token holders as, since the pandemic, the price of gold has continued to rise steadily.

On the crypto side of the token, the price will continue to appreciate based on its market demand in relation to the limited supply of tokens available for purchase and exchange.

We have released only 5.4 million AABBG tokens at the time of writing — equivalent to the value of the gold bullion in our treasury.

On top of this, we recently reinforced our commitment to the crypto sphere even further by seeking to actively grow our presence in Central America and build up demand for AABBG by setting up a satellite office in crypto-friendly El Salvador.

Believe the hype

Nobody can be sure of what the future will bring in these incredibly uncertain times, but it is clear that the world is going to work in different ways.

The traditional, conservative ways have had their day, and the future will be a dynamic one that those brave enough to see the opportunity still have time to ride the coattails of now.

By truly marrying the historical hedge of gold with the exciting future that is crypto, we believe that at Asia Broadband, we are ideally positioned to be a key part of the crypto-charged supercycle that will see our company thrive in the coming months and years while many others falter.

Chris Torres is President/CEO/COO & Director at Asia Broadband.

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