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From the initial email invite to the post-show playbook, marketers must set their webinars apart at every stage to drive deeper audience engagement and participation. Join this VB Live event for ten actionable and practical ways to set yourself up for success.

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In a world where we’ve gone increasingly online to connect and consume content, webinars have become one of a digital marketer’s most powerful tools. They provide the opportunity to engage directly with your audience — not as a sales pitch, but as a way to offer the kind of crucial, actionable information your audience will share with their colleagues, in turn boosting your reputation and making your registration link a must-must click when it pops up in their inbox. Webinars remain one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to generate authentic engagement, capture buyer interest, and develop a productive pipeline and increase revenue.

Webinars also generate hugely valuable audience insights, engagement data, and buying signals — which is why the majority of sales teams prioritize leads that spring from webinars, making them the top digital channel for 89% of respondents in creating qualified sales leads.

However, there is a mountain of digital content clamoring for your audience’s attention; even when they RSVP to a webinar, that time isn’t necessarily reserved for you, and they’re as likely to dismiss the reminder as they are to click your link. Despite the surge of interest in video content, the fatigue is real. While webinars aren’t going anywhere, the challenge is to make them more relevant than ever to ensure you rise to the top to capture attention.

How? There are proven, audience-tested, data-verified ways to make webinars more engaging for your audience, to make sure that the encouraging number of registrants you get when you’re promoting your webinar actually show up when it’s go-time.

Whether it’s ensuring you are focusing on your audience’s needs (not yours), testing and iterating (over and over), or including interactive elements, marketers now have to sharpen the tools in their webinar toolboxes. Don’t miss this VB Live event to learn the top ten tips for making your webinars unmissable, with real-world experiences from marketing leaders, including case studies and more.

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You’ll learn:

  • Tips to ensure your webinars are audience-centric
  • How to innovate ideas to engage with a virtual attendee
  • Best practices for cohesively weaving webinars into your event channel
  • And more!


  • Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Marketing Manager, Airbase
  • Hayley Haggarty, GM of Events, VentureBeat
  • Patrick Smith, SVP and CMO, Cvent
  • Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat