The better you understand your users, the more relevant your financial wellness and chatbot solutions will be and the more meaningful your engagement. Learn how AI helps you detect financial and transactional patterns, predict future events, and become your users’ biggest ally when you join this VB Live event.

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One of the biggest advantages that banks have, aside from their long-established brands and physical ubiquity, is the ability to tap into customer financial data. Now pair that treasure trove of financial data with with artificial intelligence, and you unlock more personalized, predictive, and prescriptive solutions for your customer.

From payments to online retail banking, AI powers things like intelligent assistant chatbots that help customers manage their accounts as well as lending and financial wellness solutions that actually help users budget, spend wisely, and save money.

In fact, four in five bankers are betting on AI to revolutionize customer interaction. Artificial intelligence — which includes sophisticated machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing — doesn’t eliminate the human touch though. Rather, it powerfully amplifies it with access to a broader data set and machine learning algorithms which detect patterns, analyze habits and let you deliver actionable insight. Not only will you more deeply understand your users, but you’ll have the power to make them feel understood, supported, and in good hands.

With their expectation of completely personalized, one to one experiences in every digital arena, Millennials in particular are turning to these services in droves. In a recent survey examining millennial disruption, more than half are counting on the fintech start ups to come in and transform the way that banks work. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal and Square, which have long integrated artificial intelligence into their strategies and services, are rumored to be rolling out financial services.

To gain a competitive edge, banks are turning to AI to create fully personalized, next-gen banking experiences.

Bank of America has Erica, a virtual assistant integrated into the BoA mobile banking app and designed to help customers improve their financial lives. Swiss Bank uses AI to identify behavioral patterns and make a love connection with wealth management solutions. SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks, has Amelia, an interactive cognitive agent that provides human-like customer service at scale. ANZ Bank began using customer experience analysis to help financial advisors understand their clients. Goldman Sachs invested in an AI-based financial research platform and Wells Fargo created an AI team to provide more personalized services and boost digital offerings.

These new tools and services, leveraging personalized and predictive algorithms along with some innovative artificial intelligence, are delivering more meaningful experiences to customers and driving a new age of financial wellness — and becoming the essential differentiator for financial institutions hoping to build new customer relationships and solidify those relationships already in place.

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  • Extract valuable insight from a wealth of data to measure users’ financial health
  • Partner with vendors to develop the machine-learning based systems that constantly analyze data and derive insights to drive more meaningful conversations with your end users


  • Dion F. Lisle, VP Head of FinTech, Capgemini America Inc.
  • John Vars, Chief Product Officer, Varo Money
  • Keith Armstrong, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer,
  • Katy Gibson, VP of Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat

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