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Creating AI models that can accomplish new tasks or solve specific challenges is a growing priority as enterprises look to create business benefits from this innovative technology. But creating and deploying AI solutions requires the right tools.

Developers can find simplified and streamlined help from NVIDIA AI platforms and hardware with the Microsoft Azure cloud, whether they’re working on individual AI projects or large, enterprise-wide integrations. The partners provide multi-layered computing infrastructure, reference applications for customization, and full-stack support along with optimized management from the cloud and trusted security. Both NVIDIA and Microsoft will highlight these and other AI-enabling technologies at the upcoming Microsoft Build developer conference happening May 23-25, 2023.

NVIDIA’s sessions at Microsoft Build will showcase recent updates around NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the NVIDIA H100 GPU-powered VM series for generative AI, the new NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud on Azure, and more. View the full session schedule and sign up for access to learn about the latest developer tools and resources.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise gives the power of choice

Companies are finding they need powerful solutions with deep coordination between software and hardware to operationalize AI. For developers, having the ability to choose from and easily use a range of pre-trained models, updated tools, and software development kits (SDKs) can help simplify the development and deployment of AI applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is the software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform and will be featured in a session at Microsoft Build. The software suite includes built-in capabilities for speech, computer vision, cybersecurity, and recommendation/personalization engines along with dozens of frameworks and customizable, pre-trained models. NVIDIA AI Enterprise is coming soon to the Azure Marketplace, enabling developers to see all options available to them across various channels and gain access to enterprise-grade software. Through the cloud, developers will be able to buy just the time they need with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and even use pre-purchased credits for AI software. 

A key benefit of NVIDIA AI Enterprise is transparency. Pretrained models are unencrypted, giving access to view and adjust weights and biases. AI developers can debug but, more importantly, they also can access and adjust algorithms and see why a model is making a recommendation.

For deeper insights into the value of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, don’t miss these NVIDIA sessions at Microsoft Build:

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise registry for Azure Machine Learning deployments of AI workflows: Wednesday, May 24 | 12:15 PM PT
    • This technical session covers ready-to-use examples of NVIDIA AI Enterprise end-to-end applications such as computer vision, model inference optimization, and more in the form of Azure Machine Learning resources hosted in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Azure Machine Learning Registry.
  • Azure-enabled Vision AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and Jetson: On-Demand
    • This session demonstrates how NVIDIA’s DeepStream, TAO Toolkit, Triton Inference Server, and Jetson devices combined with Azure Cognitive Services and the Azure DeepStream Accelerator can assist in deploying, updating, and managing vision AI use cases.

NVIDIA and Microsoft boost machine learning and generative AI

Working together, NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure jointly enable and enhance machine learning. Customers using the MLOps capabilities in Azure Machine Learning need enterprise-grade and enterprise-supported tools and frameworks, which NVIDIA AI Enterprise brings — along with its own ML framework.

A huge opportunity to generative AI applications is emerging via NVIDIA Omniverse, a development platform for creating and operating metaverse apps based on Universal Scene Description. NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, coming soon to Azure Cloud, is a platform-as-a-service giving instant access to a full-stack development environment to design, develop, deploy and manage industrial metaverse applications. With Omniverse Cloud, developers can take advantage of low code and no-code development tools, augmented by generative AI assistants. NVIDIA and Microsoft are also collaborating to connect Omniverse to Microsoft 365 suite of applications including Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. This will enable more seamless collaboration across digitalization workflows including connecting 3D pipelines, building generative AI-powered industrial digital twins, or other applications.

Learn more in the following sessions at Microsoft Build:

  • Interview: Tuesday, May 23 | Watch the broadcast following the opening keynote
    • Seth Juarez, principal program manager at Microsoft, sits down with Dylan Dias, chief alliances officer and head of cloud partnerships, worldwide at Fractal Analytics to discuss next-generation AI services built with NVIDIA AI on Azure cloud.

Developer resources for continued innovation and acceleration

During Microsoft Build sessions, NVIDIA experts will explain how NVIDIA’s infrastructure, software, and support layers directly help AI developers take advantage of acceleration tools for a wide variety of use cases.

Developer support doesn’t stop when Microsoft Build ends. NVIDIA provides developers with free resources and tools as part of a larger effort to advance understanding and accelerate development skills. Get access to over 150+ software development kits, technical training and documentation, and early access programs through the NVIDIA Developer Program. Beyond that, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute offers hands-on training to advance skills in AI, accelerated computing, data science, graphics and simulation.

NVIDIA also nurtures cutting-edge technology startups that are revolutionizing industries through the NVIDIA Inception Program. This free program offers marketing opportunities, technical expertise, exclusive discounts on hardware and software — all tailored to a business’s evolution, no matter what size or funding stage they are at.

Developers also can build on NVIDIA Omniverse, which can create and operate metaverse applications based on Universal Scene Description (USD). NVIDIA’s support extends to an online community, ask questions of NVIDIA experts during developer office hours on Discord, Twitch, and NVIDIA Omniverse forums.

Join the NVIDIA sessions at Microsoft Build and see how the NVIDIA platforms optimized for AI can deliver speed and scale in the Azure cloud — helping reduce the complexity of building, training, and bringing AI models into production.

Visit NVIDIA’s Microsoft Build Virtual Showcase to explore the latest innovations, special offers, demos, and news about NVIDIA on Azure.

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