Yahoo has launched its Captain bot on Facebook Messenger, becoming one of the first third-party programs to integrate with Messenger’s chat extensions. Now you can track what needs to be done within your group conversations.

Above: Yahoo’s task management bot Captain is now on Facebook Messenger.

Image Credit: Yahoo

Launched last month, Captain can be best thought of as a task management service. It originally was SMS-based, where you would text “Hi” to 773-786 to begin. Yahoo blends artificial intelligence and Evernote together to record reminders and tasks that need accomplishing. When the deadline approaches, you’ll receive a text message.

Now Captain has arrived on one of the most popular chat apps in the marketplace today. But it’s not just a bot where you message separately. Instead, it’s all performed within a group conversation, be it with one friend or a group. When the discussion requires you to catalog some tasks, tap on the chat extension option, add Yahoo Captain to the conversation, and compose a list of things to do.

“We are delighted that Yahoo is launching Captain on Messenger,” said Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger’s vice president of product. “This bot will help users simplify group coordination, which can get harder the larger the group and longer the thread. This experience makes that interaction seamless.”


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Chances are that you’ve been in a lengthy conversation where things can get sidetracked, long delays between chat sessions occur, and other factors complicate matters. The point is that figuring out what action items are needed can sometimes be difficult and scrolling through a conversation in reverse can be tedious and time-consuming. So whether you’re looking to book a trip somewhere with friends, arrange someone’s birthday party, get a recipe for a meal, or anything else, Yahoo hopes its Captain bot can assist you.

Originally developed to help families lead organized lives, Captain is now extending to a much larger audience, including friends, family, and possibly even businesses.

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