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For an industry valued at $20.1 billion in the U.S. alone, the web design process has been surprisingly resistant to change.

Most web development is still approached the same way it was a decade ago: the designer hands off the visual design to the developer, relinquishing control of their work and relying on others to fulfill their vision. This B2B development process involves many moving parts, excludes the designer early on, and often consumes as much as 70 percent of the project’s overall budget on coding alone. Many B2B pro-developers website design platforms have paved their way for dominating the website creation industry. These B2B solutions offer tools for building advanced websites including custom design and content management systems (CMS).

However, in order to create functioning websites, developers need to manually convert static graphic design into code. This is true despite the proliferation of basic, code-free B2C website development tools that enables amateurs that lack any knowledge in web design to create a simple website on their own by modifying a pre-designed template enable amateurs to build their own sites. But the tools are too rudimentary to serve the needs of professional designers. Moreover, a staggering 98 percent of these amateur attempts fail, and the ones that succeed still account for a mere 3 percent of the websites that appear.

The rest of the millions of new sites going up each month are built the old fashioned way. It’s a time-consuming approach that leaves designers in the dust and can be daunting to smaller businesses, which helps explain why more than 45 percent of businesses still don’t have a website.

Putting designers first

“We believe it is time to put designers in the driver’s seat and eliminate all these technical barriers,” says Shmulik Grizim of the pioneering online web design platform Webydo. Motivated by a strong respect for the work of designers, he and partner Tzvika Steinmetz dreamed of streamlining the web development process. “We believe designers should be the leaders of website creation and we wanted to develop a platform that will enable them to control the whole website creation process independently.”

A new solution

But enabling designers is only a part of what Webydo has accomplished so far. By thinking differently, it has introduced an entirely new category to the web design space, disrupting this market with a B2B solution for designers.

Instead of leaning on simple template modification, Webydo’s advanced design platform encourages a hands-on creative process, with advanced features and interface elements that help professional designers to feel right at home. Unencumbered by artificial barriers, they can follow their inspiration and trust Webydo’s sophisticated engine to translate their effort into clean, modern web code automatically.


Responsive design

With as much as 30 precent of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s no surprise that Webydo’s design environment demonstrates a keen interest in responsive development. Designers have total control over the way their content reflows to fit different devices, and Webydo’s intelligent code engine ensures that websites look perfect no matter how they’re accessed.

More broadly, this passion for flexibility is reflected in the company’s unprecedented community involvement. Boasting an active forum of 57,000 participants, Webydo’s community is a catalyst for improvement, spearheading the product’s direction and influencing its development to ensure that it remains in line with the needs of its users and their clients.

This is another example of Webydo’s streamlining mentality; after all, why try to examine your users’ needs with laboratory-style analytics when you can just … ask them? The company’s willingness to remain in close contact with its users has endeared it to the growing number of designers who have come to rely on the platform for their web business.

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Toward the future

Covering responsive design, e-commerce features, and client management elements including integrated CMS billing and more, Webydo leading the pro-designers movement, empowering designers all around the world to build their own independent web design business and conquer the market.

The modern Web is exciting and dynamic, full of inspiration and innovative ideas. More than 16 million new websites will be built in the next month, and thanks to Webydo, designers like you can be at the forefront of bringing those projects to life.

The infographic below helps illustrate the current state of the web design market.


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