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As the world continues to topple tech breakthroughs over and over, the demand for qualified programmers to fuel the industry grows exponentially. Not a shocking discovery — after all, those time-saving (or time-consuming) apps didn’t manifest on their own. However, what is shocking is that despite the high demand for tech jobs, there are still people who despite keen desire, are stumped on how to get a leg up in the business.

Either intimidated by the perceived difficulty in learning to code, or financially stretched to support full-time college enrollment after a certain age, would-be programmers are missing out on following their dreams. And learning to code solo isn’t a viable option — it just doesn’t prepare you for the everyday challenges that arise from programming. So, what’s the solution? The answer is actually pretty simple: Coding bootcamps.

Across the nation, coding bootcamps are popping up and providing young tech lovers with the education necessary to mature their skills at a professional level. With a determined focus on programming and seasoned pros assigned for one-to-one mentoring, coding bootcamps are far more beneficial to students than universities that pass the craft off as a general elective. Furthermore, some coding bootcamps provide low-paying alternatives and offer discounts for minorities and women. Not to mention, 75 percent of those who graduated from coding bootcamps found full-time employment with an average salary increase of 44 percent.

Coding bootcamps aren’t just a leg-up for students, but valuable for entrepreneurs as well. It helps educate them on how to build the products they want in a timely fashion, along with introducing them to promising coders to join their company. What’s a better opportunity to find fresh and diverse minds in the industry than the training programs they’re emerging from?

In this webinar hosted by Dave Paola, Cofounder and CTO of Bloc, and Prasid Pathak, Bloc’s Director of Marketing, you’ll learn more about the benefits of enrolling in coding bootcamps — benefits that range from financial gain for you or your start-up company, to bettering your skills as a programmer — and the differences between them. It will also show you how to work on your raw ideas after graduation and successfully promote them to your employers. The coveted life of a programmer is actually within reach.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Gain insight into what skills you’ll need to get ahead in the tech field
  • Learn how to leverage your great idea into the next billion dollar project
  • Research the next step for your future in coding, whether you want to build apps, games or mobile-driven on-demand services.


Dave Paola, Cofounder & CTO, Bloc

Prasid Pathak, Director of Marketing, Bloc


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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