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A few years ago, the coveted Consumer Electronics Show (CES) moved their website from to Why? It helped make their online presence more relevant and brandable. Speaking about this move, then CES Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategic Relationships, Jeff Joseph explained, “We stand for innovation and the promise of a better world made possible by technology. CES is well known as the foremost innovation event in the world and we are happy to have selected a domain name on .tech that conveys what we stand for in a succinct way.”

CES, which is known to host the coolest tech launches and over 800 tech startups from all over the world each year, is one of the many tech businesses that have chosen to innovate with their brand in favor of new domain extensions such as . tech. Media giant Viacom, whose leading brands include MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, and Nickelodeon, also chose for its tech-community focused website. Intel is another such example. For its IoT and embedded innovation resource centre, Intel chose as its website name.

It’s not just the global tech businesses that are innovating with their branding; even tech startups are following suit in a big way. In fact, some of the most revolutionary startups of today have picked their domain names on .tech because it allows them to reflect their innovative mindset.

Startups that have chosen .tech domains to brand their websites innovatively

Some of the acclaimed startups that have chosen .tech domains for their primary websites are:

Asher Kagan, Founder,, says about their .tech domain, “Shadow is fundamentally a high-tech company. Shadow’s inventors have strong technical background and the founding team has worked in some of the most advanced technology companies and industries before. We are proud of our tech roots and .tech reflects this origin.”

Branding benefits of .tech domains for tech startups

One of the most valuable benefits of choosing .tech domains is the all-encompassing nature of the domain extension, which makes it perfect for startups across industries such as retail, finance, media, etc. and across technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, space tech, etc. As a consequence, tech startups no more have to settle for coarse domain names such as By choosing .tech, a business-relevant domain extension, they can now overcome the branding limitations of generic domain extensions such as .com, .co, .us,, etc.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should choose a .tech domain for your startup:

1.  .tech domains are strategic for your tech brand positioning is not available to buy. Image source: is available to buy. Image source:

For example, consider Brilliant creates technology that makes it fun and easy to interact directly with your home. With a .tech domain, they have been able to choose a strategic online identity which cuts through the noise and attracts attention immediately.

2.  .tech domains make your domain name keyword rich

New domain extensions are as good as any other extension as far as search engine ranking is concerned. In fact, Google went on the record saying, “New domain name endings are not treated any differently than traditional domain name endings like .com or .org. Domain names with new endings are shown in search just like any other domain name.”

This opens up a great opportunity for you to choose a new domain extension that is industry-relevant and business-relevant for your startup. For example, consider the keyword-rich domain name Just by looking at the domain name, one can guess that the business is into energy technology. This goes a long way in establishing a strong brand positioning for a business.

3.  .tech domains add a layer of meaning and relevance to your website address

‘Tech’ is one of the most intuitive words in the context of business and innovation. This makes .tech domains a logical choice for tech startups looking to build a brand that is relevant not just to the tech industry but to all stakeholders, including investors, customers and media.

As an example, for brand name ‘Peach’, consider the domain names and While the former is a generic domain name which does not communicate anything about the business, the latter explains that it is a tech brand called ‘Peach’.

Akin to this, Paul Cheek, Founder,, says, “We chose domain name because it is most relevant to the business that we are building. Our vision is to help companies build empathy with their customers using video analysis technology so a .tech domain name was relevant for us.”

Above:, powered by IBM Watson.

4) .tech domains give your startup access to the Startup League community

An additional and quite valuable advantage of choosing .tech domains is that it gives your startup access to the Startup League. It’s a startup-support community that offers sponsorship to early-stage startups to exhibit at some of the biggest tech events, along with digital marketing boost, media shout outs, and branding support. With the support that the Startup League offers, you can gain massive brand visibility among investors, media, customers, and industry influencers. The Startup League is a unique initiative by Radix, which owns and operates .tech domains.

So, give your tech startup a solid brand positioning and a massive marketing push by choosing an innovative domain name. If you are building the future, build it on a .tech domain.

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