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I kind of feel like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me as he’s laying back on a couch, shirtless, displaying his abdominal pulchritude, saying “I’m dead sexy!”

Or not.

But I am one of the sexiest writers in the world. I know that, because the One True Source of All Knowledge, the oracular fetcher of all truth, says so. I’m speaking, of course, of Google. Type in sexiest writers into your search box, dear reader, and the results will astonish. Or disgust — I can’t predict.

Naturally, it’s all a gag.

But it does show what Tiptopio can do: get you to the top of Google search results. It’s search engine optimization — but a little different. I spoke to founder Katharine VanderDrift last week.

“We’re trying to build more visibility for products and services from the US,” she told me. “Almost everyone uses outsourced manufacturing, shipping products to the U.S. and taking U.S. jobs. I want to help American-made products rank for the first page on Google.”

And, it works for more than folliclely-challenged insecure technology reporters: we tested the service on VentureBeat. Don’t believe us? Look up best blog in SF. Whoa: would that be VentureBeat? As you and I both know, Google never lies.

Above: Some very sexy writers, no?

Tiptopio promises results quickly — in 30 days or less. But the big shock is the price: just $49/month.

I’ve personally authorized search engine optimization campaigns for $15,000 a month and worked with many of the leading firms in the field, and not always had results that good. So I asked VanderDrift about Tiptopio’s strategy.

“Our process is much simpler than most SEO firms,” she said. “We purchase free-standing domains, and we create a content strategy that we call ‘topic modeling.'”

With “topic modeling,” Tiptopio creates a particular concept — such as sexiest writers — builds content around it, and sets it free on the interwebs. The key is knowing to not only create content on that particular topic but to build content on related topics as well.

“For example, we take a phrase or a word, like Superman. To rank for that, you have to include some things about the topic … in this case Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and so on. Google knows these things are connected to ‘Superman,’ and you can’t be relevant to Superman unless these related topics are also there.”

That’s a smart approach, and it’s paired with a ballsy decision: Tiptopio only does on-page SEO, no link-building. That means the company doesn’t pay for links, solicit links, or otherwise try to artificially bump a particular website in the Google link economy. All of its SEO efforts are content based, right on the domain that Tiptopio is trying to get to rank.

In other words, it’s the SEO without the sleaze, something that anyone who has had to hire — and fire — SEO firms will definitely appreciate.

(Except, of course, for the very sexy writers.)

One more thing: the “Made in America” seems to not just be a schtick or market differentiator for VanderDrift.

“I’m very passionate about it,” she told me when I questioned that part of Tiptopio’s strategy. “I’ve done simple studies on products and services, and what happens is they’re completely dominated by massive importers.”

photo credit: Brave Heart via photopin cc

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