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Investing in venture capital has historically been both risky and difficult to access. While equity crowdfunding has created unique access to the asset class, in many ways, the risk has actually increased.

Enter MicroVentures, a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)-approved broker-dealer and equity crowdfunding platform. It has been acting as a venture capital adviser to both startups and investors since 2010, through a combination of institutional due diligence, a meaningful track record, technical expertise, and great investor service. If you’re serious about becoming an angel investor and could use a venture capital adviser to help guide you through the process, MicroVentures is the right choice.

MicroVentures provides investors with the tools they need to find the right startups for their portfolio:

1) Expert due diligence reduces risk: Everyone knows that investing in startups is risky. But it’s currently much riskier than it needs to be because most equity crowdfunding platforms simply don’t do any research or due diligence into the companies they list. MicroVentures completely rejects that idea. Every company MicroVentures features has been through multiple rounds of due diligence and professional analyses by its experienced financial team.

With thousands of companies vying for investor attention, the key is narrowing the field to find the right ones. MicroVentures helps you do just that by being extremely selective. It accepts less than 1 percent of the companies who apply for listing on the platform. To put this in context, Harvard has a 7 percent acceptance rate. If a company is on MicroVentures, you can feel confident that the firm has done their due diligence, because if it hasn’t, it wouldn’t be listed.

2) Lots of opportunity to invest and learn: MicroVentures gives you the ability to invest in multiple deals and develop meaningful expertise in angel investing — without the costly learning curve of doing it on your own. It’s important for investors to gain valuable experience by investing in a number of different companies, and MicroVentures allows new investors to do this easily. The days where angels are required to risk $50,000 or more per deal are gone. On MicroVentures, investors can invest as little as $5,000 per deal. The low investment minimum enables investors to spread their risk and also increase their chances of picking a winner. Further, the team at MicroVentures has the experience of several private to public liquidity events and is at the ready to answer any and all of your questions.

3) Quality companies: Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc. — they were all available to MicroVentures investors. It’s a team that has a knack for spotting companies and, more importantly, management teams and entrepreneurs that have the recipe for success. It brings in early stage companies, primarily ones that are still at early stage valuations (equivalent to market cap in the public markets).

4) Personalized risk management: MicroVentures’ experienced team is also available to help you understand if an investment is right for you. Its phone number is on the site, and it’s actually staffed — no voicemail hell. If you call it, a real person will pick up and speak with you — essentially, you have direct access to a venture capital adviser.

5) Access to all investors: On top of being an excellent guide, MicroVentures is also open to everyone. Historically, normal investors have practically zero opportunity to invest in startups. Startup investing has been the domain of rich, connected people making backroom deals at cocktail parties. MicroVentures offers access that isn’t available on any other platform. Most equity crowdfunding platforms can only deal with “accredited investors.” Because MicroVentures is a broker dealer, it can have non-accredited investors to participate in startup investing as well. This means that even if other platforms won’t let you invest there, MicroVentures potentially can.

If you’d like to join the thousands of angel investors who have put over $30 million into 50-plus companies via the MicroVentures online platform, click here to sign up and start the process with one of our advisers today.

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