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Chicago this week. Los Angeles the next. Road warriors face the continual challenge of finding good meals in shifting landscapes. For those with dietary restrictions, the quest might be trickier. But for those who love trying new eats, business travel has its own rewards.

Whether you are on the hunt for raw oysters or enchiladas and a cold beer, these five apps will help you satisfy hunger pangs or quench your thirst in unfamiliar lands — and build connections while you are at it. Getting out and about is a great way to network after hours.


This free app will tempt you out of your hotel room with alluring images of food. It is all about sharing meals—pictures of meals, that is. Foodspotting shows you what people are eating and drinking nearby as a way to discover new restaurants. Find new dishes, share yours, or click on a restaurant to see what tantalizing cuisines people are snapping shots of.


When it comes to a finding the right restaurant, local pub, or a even a quiet coffee shop, Yelp tells you everything you need to know. It also tells you what others think you need to know. This free crowdsourced ratings and review app filters eateries based on price, ratings, and delivery options. Choose from a list of what is nearby and read in-depth reviews of what other people are saying.


If you are someone who hates dining at chain restaurants, LocalEats will help you track down the local and unique. This handy guide lists only the top 100 restaurants in 50 US cities. Use it to identify neighborhood finds and the best restaurants chosen by foodies. Most listings also include menus. It’s $.99 for iPhone or Android.


Strictly veggies for you? HappyCow pinpoints vegetarian, vegan, and veg-friendly restaurants in your area. Based on your geolocation, it shows you what is within walking or cab distance. Click on a restaurant to get the lowdown on what they serve and read what people are saying about it. It’s $2.99 for iPhone or Android.


Once you settle on a place to go, you want to make sure they hold a spot for you. This free app is an online reservation service that finds a restaurant and books a reservation from your phone — without you needing to make a call. In addition to its reservation service, OpenTable also searches for restaurants based on type of cuisine, restaurant name, or neighborhood.