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Startups are a dime a dozen these days. The entrepreneurial spirit has created an incredibly competitive environment no matter what the niche may be. What’s been missing is an alternative to the traditional methods of site building which preserves what was earned from existing domains and creates what can be.

As more companies invest in their digital presence or going remote, it becomes increasingly important to build a foundation that can be counted on for years to come. And often, that foundation starts with picking the right domain.

While it may be tempting to purchase a brand new domain, it is not always in the buyer’s best interest. A new domain provides a clean slate to build upon and the ability to create a new online reputation for your brand — but growing traffic can take years to accomplish.

The underrated value of aged domains

Purchasing aged domains isn’t necessarily a “new trick”, but it has been gaining in popularity. From seeking a shortcut to SEO success to looking for ways to diversify investments, buying premium aged domains is a unique way to improve traffic and get a leg up in today’s competitive online marketplace. An aged domain provides an advantage because its history and SERP (search engine result pages) authority have the power to quickly propel businesses ahead of the competition.

SERPs aren’t created overnight. Aged domains offer the opportunity to build upon the authority that already exists and make it your own.

An aged domain is like investing in property. When looking for a home, it’s imperative that you determine if its foundation is strong. Does it offer a well for you to draw from? Is there an electric connection that you can depend on? Like an empty parcel of land, the work required to create a home is time-intensive and requires an additional capital investment.

The savvy investor needs to determine whether their needs are being met and how soon they can expect a return.

Business owners who rely on their online presence can rank higher and faster by using premium aged domains powered by pre-existing SEO authority. The best ones are powered by high-quality backlinks which provide immense value and the opportunity to build upon a strong foundation.

The SERPs that aged domains provide can’t be built without investing years of dedication and thousands of dollars.

SEO is a competitive field where “beating the competition” and ranking ahead of them is a consistent goal. Using a brandable domain that bypasses the need to spend time and money on building authority helps potential purchasers improve the chances that their business gets seen. Over the years, it takes thousands of hours in employees, contractors, and oversight, in order to rank higher. An aged domain creates a shortcut that allows you to focus on running the business rather than on building the initial authority to get ahead of the competition.

Where to purchase aged domains and how to evaluate them

Each day at ODYS Global — a platform that curates brandable aged domains — we receive inquiries about the best acquisition methods. From questions like how to purchase aged domains, to where to find them, and what to look for, we offer our expertise so that investors get the best opportunity. Our team of SEO experts spend most of our days attending auctions and checking the myriad of marketplaces to curate the most valuable ones.

There are millions of available aftermarket domains and around 500k that expire every day. That is a massive amount of domains to go through. Over time, the industry has evolved and there now exists services and software to help sort out those domains using SEO metrics, existing authority, and valuable names. Even with those tools, finding and purchasing aged domains takes time.

However, the main risk is not in the time required to sort through them and pick one, but in the lack of expertise when hand-picking an aftermarket domain. Finding one that hasn’t been abused in the past (think spammers, hackers, bad PR) is a difficult task. A good purchase is one that doesn’t infringe any trademarks and won’t get you into legal trouble.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to make your first aged domain acquisition with a company that’s not just selling you a domain, but is also willing to vouch for your purchase and point you in the right direction on how  to use its existing authority and traffic to their fullest potential.

As we move toward a marketplace that is less brick and mortar and more digital, businesses must face the reality of the challenge at hand. To adapt isn’t easy, and at times can be costly, but the opportunity to succeed already exists and shouldn’t be overlooked. Aged domains provide a powerhouse of value that have the potential to skyrocket businesses into a new tier of success and improve their audience reach.

Alex Drew is Co-Founder at ODYS Global.

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