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“When things get so big, I don’t trust them at all. You want some control. You’ve got to keep it small.” – Peter Gabriel, “D.I.Y.”

It’s the David vs. Goliath principle. Sure, a giant can stomp and inflict seismic change, but if you need a smart, efficient answer for handling a new change or requirement, David can run circles around the behemoth, trying new approaches and adapting on the fly to in-the-moment data for needed adjustments.

That’s one of the areas where small business has it all over their bigger, bulkier, less nimble counterparts. In the age of COVID, remote workforces, and increasingly fractured information silos, giant companies move like aircraft carriers, lumbering slowly through every inch of a turn in direction. Meanwhile, small companies can map their new course, acquire new tools with efficient new procedures, and get ‘em all up and running by midday. It’s for those quick-on-the-draw, cut-the-excess professionals that Clariti was created.

Clariti is an all-in-one hive of central communication apps that cuts out all the wasted time entrepreneurs and busy managers spend dutifully organizing important information. It’s a browser-based tool that gathers up all that data that filters in via emails, chats, phone calls, to-do lists, and other documents, then brilliantly links all that information together into ultra-effective TopicFolders.

TopicFolders function like enhanced desktop folders you build for yourself, including copies of all your relevant images, docs, links, and more on a certain topic. Instead of holding just files, TopicFolder acts as a repository for all your work. Rather than wasting all that time hopping back and forth between various communication apps, a TopicFolder adds organization to all that communication and makes it accessible to one person or an entire team as needed. 

And unlike a simple file folder, items in the Clariti TopicFolder are live, so emails can be answered or forwarded, chats can be continued, calls shared, and more. That boost in team collaboration also drives productivity, with Clariti spearheading a nearly 25 percent increase in results for organizations who get on board.

While resources like Microsoft Teams or Slack facilitate communication in a team environment, Clariti inspires collaborative work, taking the topic beyond chat-only communication and offering the materials for everyone to pitch in and contribute, even (and especially) in workforces that are partially or even entirely remote-based.

With all those integrated email, chat, cloud storage, and scheduling functions working in unison, this one-stop desktop-only location ensures information never gets siloed, and important details are never forgotten.

Right now, businesses can sign up for Clariti for free and see if their innovative means of smoothing out communication can work for your enterprise. There’s nothing to download and no credit card information is needed to get started. Onboarding is simple and users can literally get started after a brief introduction to all of Clariti’s features.

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