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Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is here, but fortunately there is a solution to allow businesses to continue to effectively target their ideal customers. In the past, marketers have thrived with advertising on Facebook and Google platforms by using cookies and pixels to target potential customers. Unfortunately, cookies and pixels have been abused by bad actors, so the push for more privacy has put cookies and pixels in the crosshairs of privacy advocates.

Apple has reacted with their iOS 14 update that will make it much harder for tracking across websites. Google is now being forced to follow the lead of the other browsers, so Chrome will soon be blocking third-party cookies. Facebook is begrudgingly following along and is forcing their advertisers to phase out their Facebook pixel.

Since the marketing strategy of following potential customers wherever they might be on the web is going to disappear (yes, that means you aren’t going to be seeing those shoes you once looked at in ads everywhere you go), marketers will have to develop new ways to target and track future customers.

Fortunately, there is a new marketing opportunity that can solve this challenge for marketers: advertising on TikTok using observable signals to build a direct relationship with potential customers.

TikTok’s exponential rise

If you’re a marketer, you’re probably asking, “How do they know my customer is on TikTok?” The answer is simple. Everyone’s customer is on TikTok. TikTok started in 2020 with about 500 million users, and about 40 million of them are in the U.S. Now TikTok has well over a billion users with 200 million of them in the U.S.

The TikTok app was the number-one most-downloaded app in 2020, and the TikTok community continues to grow at an amazing rate. The average TikTok user spends 28 minutes per day on the app. That is only six minutes less than the average amount of time spent on Facebook each day.

New, fast-growing advertising platforms come around once every ten years or so. The emergence of Google and then Facebook accelerated the growth of businesses that were early adopters, but the new advertising opportunities were initially trials by fire. Leading marketing agencies partnered with fast-growing Google and Facebook to help brands quickly find a return on investment to make advertising on these new platforms successful. There is now a small group of TikTok-authorized agencies like GrowMojo that helps brands find quick success on TikTok.

The TikTok advantage

So how will TikTok help you convert those users into customers? To answer that question, we first need to talk about sequential marketing which is the process of walking a potential customer down your purchase journey before they ever reach your website.

The main reason why TikTok leads the evolution of sequential marketing is because nothing works better in sequential marketing than video — and TikTok is all about video.

TikTok’s other main advantage is that your advertising on TikTok is mixed in with all the other organic TikToks. The best TikTok ads are the ones that blend in well with the organic content, so that your TikTok ads receive comments, likes, and shares at the same rate as organic TikToks.

Then, when users have liked or watched 75%+ of your TikTok ad, you can easily retarget the users and walk them down your purchase journey. Sequential marketing is a combination of art and science.

The artistic component is the marketer’s talent in creating an ad that feels organic to the TikTok user at first glance. The science involves measuring the engagement of your first qualifying video to determine which users are showing the level of interest that warrants showing them a second video. Once you know they are a potential customer, because they engaged with your TikTok ad, you can use sequential marketing to target them with more sales-oriented ads and move them down your product or service purchase journey.

Why TikTok is effective across industries

So, if you are the CMO of a B2B company or you target enterprise customers, you probably are thinking that this sequential marketing TikTok strategy doesn’t apply to you. Wrong. This strategy works for all types of products and services whether you are targeting consumers or enterprise decision-makers. It also works well for franchise marketing, B2B, and even long sales cycle products. You just need an organic-feeling TikTok video advertisement and then you will be able to start qualifying your potential customers.

Additionally, if you have a list of leads, there is no cheaper and easier way to target people most similar to your target customers than to do it on TikTok. You simply need to upload your target list into TikTok and you are ready to sequentially market to the most similar prospects. There is nothing wrong with inserting your ad, whatever it might be, among the TikTok dance challenges and funny pranks. If you do it the right way, users will raise their hands to show their interest in your product or service, qualifying them for the next step in the marketing sequence.

Finding new prospects is far more cost effective on TikTok than on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn because TikTok’s paid ads can blend in more organically, leading to relevant connections when sharing your brand’s story.

The solution to reaching potential customers hidden in a pool of a billion users is to aggressively filter them and funnel those most enthusiastic for your product or service. Success comes from getting the details right with sequential marketing. Not many brands have figured it out yet.

If you want to identify and convert qualified customers in TikTok’s huge user base, use GrowMojo TikTok Marketing Agency to help you implement a successful sequential marketing program.

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