Whirlpool is launching the Yummly 2.0 app to help you run your digital kitchen, which the appliance maker hopes will be full of Whirlpool products. Among the benefits: Yummly will recommend what you should cook by recognizing the ingredients you have in your refrigerator.

CES 2018 will be full of these kinds of technologies, but it is interesting to see how many big non-tech companies are diving into the domain of tech with the advent of the internet of things, or making everyday objects smart and connected.

The Yummly app can also streamline grocery shopping and meal prep with scheduling features and step-by-step recipes that include video tutorials, timers, and more handy tools for cooking. You can use the app to connect to Whirlpool stoves, ranges, microwaves, and other appliances. And you can use it to select and adjust temperatures, settings, cook times, and more right from a device.

You can tell Yummly your personal diet modifications, allergies, and flavor preferences, and it will serve up recipes that match. You can further narrow down the search of its over two million recipes by ingredient, prep time, course, cuisine, occasion, nutrition, and more.


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“Yummly uses patented technology and proprietary data to understand food and taste, making it the ideal source for recipes tailored to specific taste preferences and dietary needs,” said Yummly CEO Brian Witlin, in a statement.

The latest Yummly update integrates with smart appliances from Whirlpool and adds to a variety of  features and functions to simplify meal preparation.

You can use it to schedule meals for family members and then tell them when it’s time to start cooking. Yummly 2.0 will use image recognition technology to recognize multiple foods simultaneously and recommend recipes based on these on-hand ingredients. Machine learning will be used to train and evolve Yummly’s image recognition model, which will learn from an extensive database of food images.

In addition to soon being able to connect with Whirlpool appliances, Yummly syncs with other time-saving technologies. With one click, users can add the ingredients from any recipe to their shopping list. Yummly automatically categorizes the items to make any trip to the store easier. It can also place an order for online grocery delivery through Instacart.

The Yummly app runs on iOS or Google Play, and the integration with Whirlpool appliances will be coming later in 2018. Whirlpool is adding Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice services to control appliances.

It has also launched Scan-to-Cook technology, which will help ensure the right settings every time families prepare a frozen food meal. You scan the UPC bar code on select frozen food packages in the Whirlpool mobile app and the Scan-to-Cook technology will send the directions right to the appliance.