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So you want to be an Instagram influencer.

Or perhaps, you want to use Instagram to launch a successful brand.

In either situation, you’ll need Instagram followers in order for users to take you seriously.

Why? Because a large follower count acts as a form of social proof.

What is social proof?

Social proof involves the act of turning to others to get their opinion on something (like making a purchase) before moving forward. Social proof works because humans are social creatures who are influenced by their peers.

Robert B. Cialdini, PhD, introduced the concept of social proof in his groundbreaking book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Social proof is one of six principles of influence.

The others include:

  • Reciprocity: Feeling compelled to repay someone when they do something for us
  • Commitment/consistency: Staying true to the values your brand holds dear (even when it’s hard)
  • Liking: Agreeing with people we like
  • Authority: Being compelled by people who appear to have greater knowledge or experience than us
  • Scarcity: Wanting more of things that are seemingly not freely available

All of these principles of influence can impact how a brand is perceived on Instagram and you should aim to explore them all when creating any type of marketing strategy.

For example, if you like or comment on someone else’s post, you may engage the principle of reciprocity — getting a like or comment on your content in return.

If your brand was founded by a thought leader, their authority will help to attract more followers. You could also partner with another influencer with a high amount of perceived authority in your industry to tap their expertise and help grow your following.

And if you have a high follower-to-following ratio (more on that in a moment), the concept of scarcity (your reduced willingness to follow other accounts) might help to grow your follower count. People will be compelled by the fact that so many other people want access to your content.

But let’s get back to social proof, which will be a large focus of the rest of this article.

A common form of social proof is the testimonial. When you see real customer reviews on a website or a person’s or brand’s social profiles, you are being influenced by social proof.

Here’s an example of how Glossier uses social proof on their website:

It works because you’re more likely to believe that something is worth buying when other customers (or publications in this case) like you or are raving about something versus a company tooting their own horn.

It’s a lot less effective for a brand to talk about how great they are without the support of these real customer testimonials.

To put this into context — if a brand is telling you how great they are, it’s awkward, right? Of course, they’re not going to discourage you from buying from them. They’re going to put their best foot forward when talking about themselves.

But social proof can take on other forms besides testimonials — like your Instagram follower count. Having a high Instagram follower count signals to other Instagram users that your account is worth following.

Even better? If you have a lot of followers and your follower-to-following ratio (how many people you’re following divided by how many people are following you) is high, that’s a strong social proof signal.

Let’s use celebrity Bella Thorne’s Instagram account as an example. She has ~23,300,000 followers and is following 3,038 accounts.

Taking 23,300,000/3,038 = ~7,571, her follower-to-following ratio.

So… how do you effectively get real Instagram followers to boost social proof and as a result, conversions?

We’re so glad you asked.

How to get real Instagram followers

Essentially, there are two methods that you could use to get real Instagram followers: the easy way and the hard way.

Let’s start with the hard way:

Build and follow a complete Instagram strategy

Instagram was originally launched in 2010 and was eventually acquired by Facebook in 2012.

With over 500 million daily active users (as of January 2019), there’s a lot of competition on the platform. Getting started from scratch can feel overwhelming when competing with established accounts that already have tens of thousands of followers.

But if a picture of an egg can earn the status of “most-liked” Instagram post (plus 6.3 million followers, to boot), then you too can find success on this social media platform.

It’s just going to take some work. And ideally, budget for some tools to help you get the job done right.

Here are some of the steps you could take to get real Instagram followers:

Be consistent with Instagram posting

Regardless of the social platform, a timeless rule for success centers around the idea of consistency (which you may remember from our discussion of the principles of influence).

First and foremost, you need to be consistent when it comes to posting new content. Ideally, you’re posting new content more than once a day.

As with Twitter, on Instagram, the more content you post, the more opportunities you have to reach new followers. The newsfeed rewards users who log in and post content on a daily basis — you’ll definitely feel the difference in your metrics if you skip a day, week, (or more).

But you probably don’t want to be tied to physically posting multiple times a day.

Here’s the good news:

Using an Instagram scheduling tool like Buffer or can help you stay consistent without needing to physically log in to the Instagram app every single day. Although users appreciate of-the-moment content, it’s ok to also plan some content ahead of time to ensure that you’re always posting something on a schedule.

It’s all about preserving the great metrics you’re working so hard to achieve.

But consistency goes beyond posting times. It’s also an important facet of developing your brand’s unique Instagram aesthetic. Specifically, you want to create a look and feel that users can start to recognize as uniquely yours. This may involve posting photos with certain color tones or a specific (consistent) filter applied.

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account provides a useful example of a consistent Instagram look and feel:

Achieving the right aesthetic, with consistency, is a lot easier when using a tool like Planoly. Planoly is a smartphone app (with a website dashboard) that you can use to plan out your Instagram feed.

Optimize your Instagram captions

Here’s the thing about Instagram:

It’s not just about the visuals.

Sure, they’re certainly important. They’re what initially catches attention. But images on their own will probably not get you too many real Instagram followers.

So make sure to add context to your content by optimizing the caption for every image you post on Instagram. Both long- and short-form copy has its place on the platform — it’s all about knowing when to go deep and when to keep things brief. Switching it up from post to post keeps things interesting for your followers.

So use your caption to tell stories. Add some visual elements to break up longer text with emojis. And ask engaging questions to encourage other users to like, comment, and share your posts with their friends.

As a rule of thumb, spend just as much time crafting your caption as you do taking the photo (or creating the image) you post.

Research and implement relevant Instagram hashtags

Another important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting Instagram followers is developing a hashtag strategy. Adding relevant hashtags to posts is one of the best ways to reach new followers who are looking for content like yours.

The key word here? Relevance. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags just because the numbers look good — it may actually get in the way of your success. And it certainly won’t help you to reach potential followers who may also represent great customers for your brand.

Tools like Flick and Hashtagify can help you identify relevant hashtags and provide additional metrics to help you determine a fit for your brand and audience.

But you can also use the native Instagram platform to see how many people are posting with certain hashtags, what types of content they’re posting, and if you have a realistic chance of coming up when people explore these hashtags.

Consider the impact of posting with the #travel hashtag, which boasts over 504 million posts.

Versus the more niche #womenwhotravel with a still hefty 1,000,000+ posts.

If you’re a woman who travels, the #solofemaletravel hashtag may be the best fit, with only 167,000+ posts.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on a post and most influencers agree that you should attempt to max out this number for the greatest impact with each new post. The key to success involves finding niche hashtags that are consistently used — but not so overused that your post will get lost in the mix as soon as you publish it.

Keep followers engaged with Instagram stories

Taking a nod from Snapchat, in 2016, Instagram launched an ephemeral (expiring) content feature many know as Instagram Stories.

Since then, the feature has only grown in popularity, with the ability to use stickers to poll followers, as well as the option to go live.

Here’s an example of how HubSpot uses Instagram Stories to poll their audience:

Stories keep things interesting and provide you with the opportunity to test things out with your audience before committing to them completely as a more permanent post on your feed.

After going through all this advice, you’re probably feeling a little exhausted and overwhelmed by just how much work goes into creating an Instagram strategy that will attract new followers.

To be sure, there are a lot of interconnected steps that take time to work. And you really can’t skimp in one area if you hope to find success.

It’s basically all necessary.

And this article is really just touching on the tip of the iceberg — these are basic Instagram strategies that take time to master and develop. On top of that, Instagram announces new features and changes to existing functionality on a regular basis. It’s a lot to keep up with. Not to mention, if you use any of the aforementioned tools, it takes time to get up to speed on optimal usage — plus the costs of several monthly subscriptions that certainly add up.

And the fact of the matter is that you could do all of these things and your Instagram follower count may never grow to the level you want it. There are many more stories of failure than success on the path to becoming an Instagram influencer.

So if you’re looking for an easier option to get real Instagram followers, read on.

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But you’re probably still wondering:

Why choose Stormlikes?

Is it safe?

Stormlikes: The best site to buy Instagram followers

Depending on who you ask, everyone has different opinions about buying Instagram followers.

Most people who are considering using a service like Stormlikes are worried about potential negative consequences associated with the act of buying fake followers. After all, if you’re buying fake followers, it can be fairly easy to tell based on the fact that those accounts aren’t actively engaging with the platform.

Ultimately, buying Instagram followers can help you to get results, faster, and with less effort than trying to figure out the newsfeed algorithm and optimizing content accordingly. Buying Instagram followers is a sure thing, whereas an organic Instagram strategy will always be a gamble.

Furthermore, boosting your follower metric (and the follower-to-following ratio) provides social proof that can also help to attract more followers that you aren’t paying for.

It’s a gift that keeps giving.

In other words, buying real Instagram followers can indirectly help with increasing engagement and organic followers — even long after the purchase.

The Stormlikes difference

Most Instagram services selling followers are connecting you with accounts that never post on or engage with the platform. It’s a bad look that’s easy to see through.

But at Stormlikes, we’re selling access to 100% real followers. Although we’re not selling Instagram engagement specifically with this particular service (we do offer engagement help, too), that’s a bonus possibility when you purchase our targeted and real followers.

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Your dreams of becoming an influencer (or influential brand) are literally just a few steps away when working with Stormlikes, the best place to buy instagram followers.

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Final thoughts: How to get real Instagram followers

When it comes to acquiring Instagram followers, there are two potential paths you could take:

  1. Developing a comprehensive Instagram strategy, then executing it over months and years
  2. Buying high-quality, real Instagram followers from a reputable company like Stormlikes

The first option will require a lot of time and effort and may honestly never result in the following/follower ratio you need to be considered influential on Instagram. The latter offers a tried-and-true pathway to improving your Instagram social proof in just a few quick steps.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level, buy Instagram followers from Stormlikes today.

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