Plan twice, cut once. That’s an old adage in several industries that basically means do your homework first before you make an ill-advised misstep that could cost your project more time and resources.

It’s no different in web development where ill-conceived plans can lead developers through hours of bad decisions that just become a big waste. Wireframing mobile apps, websites, and any project that needs UI planning only makes sense, and with a lifetime subscription to Zen Wireframe Pro ($55.25 after code MERRY15), creators can make sure work is always headed in the right direction.

This app is called the simplest wireframing tool available — and once you’ve started laying out site and app architecture with this handy timesaver, you’ll understand why.

Zen Wireframe comes with more than 56 ready-made components that can be immediately dragged and dropped right into your mobile app or website mockup. In fact, the process is so streamlined that Zen Wireframe is easy for non-designers too, allowing whole sections of a proposed site or app to be added to a project in minutes rather than after hours of laborious building.

Wireframes aren’t meant to look like finished design work, but what they lack in polish, they make up in customization. From size to functionality, Zen Wireframe offers a bevy of options for making a component fit into any project and work just the way you want it to.

As you build, Zen Wireframe allows others to view, comment, or even edit the work in progress, all in real time. That lets everyone stay up to date on all stages of an app or site’s creation through its lifecycle. Giving everyone access at that early design stage can stave off lots of questions and demands for changes further along in the process.

Finally, the finished product can be exported as a JPG and shared so all parties can sign off on the proposed direction before the actual building begins, saving on both time and money.

Regularly over $1,000, a lifetime of access to Zen Wireframe Pro for unlimited wireframe building is not only heavily discounted, but there’s an additional saving as part of the current Christmas sale. Just enter the code MERRY15 during checkout to save an extra 15 percent off your total, dropping the final price for this useful tool to just $55.25.

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