VB in Conversation – Reimagining The Data Center in Today’s Environment – JoAnn Stonier – Mastercard

Reimagining The Data Center in Today’s Environment with JoAnn Stonier, Mastercard

As the quantity of data snowballs into unchartered territory, companies continue to evaluate and adjust their strategies to manage this avalanche of data – especially as tech leaders are being asked to do more with less.

In this VB in Conversation, VentureBeat’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Marshall speaks with JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer at Mastercard. They cover Mastercard’s data strategy, including the company’s urgent need for speed and heightened security in their data stack, supporting over 125 billion worldwide transactions every year. Stonier also talks about Mastercard’s move to a hybrid structure including private cloud and modernized data centers to ensure their customers’ transactions are processed safely in milliseconds around the globe.

This video is part of a VB special issue. Read the full series here: Data centers in 2023: How to do more with less.