VentureBeat Special Issue: Intelligent Security

March 3, 2022

Intelligent Security

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Security and IT teams have been battling threats to their infrastructure and data for as long as there have been security and IT teams. But just as technology has evolved to not only support business but drive business, the bad actors have evolved, too. They seem to be in lock-step — or maybe even a step ahead at times — with even the most advanced security pros.  COVID-19 forced enterprises to move to a hybrid model and a distributed workforce has only made the CISO’s job of securing endpoints more challenging.

In this report on Intelligent Security, we dive into how and why enterprises must use artificial intelligence and machine learning to thwart increasingly sophisticated attacks.

— Dan Muse, content director and managing editor

10 ways analytics improves endpoint security and asset management

Louis Columbus

Achieving greater visibility and control over endpoints is table stakes for any organization pursuing zero-trust security. Human and machine identities are the new security perimeter in any network, and protecting those identities with data-driven insights and intelligence is one of the highest priorities for CISOs today.


Analytics is defining the future of endpoint protection platforms and is the differentiator all vendors are looking to strengthen today.

Why analytics are core to any endpoint security business case

Louis Columbus

While the initial goal of creating a business case for investing in endpoint security is to gain funding, the rigor of quantifying the costs and benefits often identifies large gaps in endpoint security coverage and security. It’s also invaluable for capturing the figure of lost endpoints, which is something few companies have a 100% visibility into today.


How AI protects machine identities in a zero-trust world

Louis Columbus

Machine identities’ complexity makes them a challenge to secure at scale and over their lifecycles, further complicating CISOs’ efforts to secure them as part of their zero-trust security strategies. It’s the most urgent problem many enterprises need to address, however, as just one compromised machine identity can bring an entire enterprise network down.


Relying on AI, ML, and analytics to improve endpoint visibility and control isn’t optional anymore. Bad actors and cybercriminals automating their attacks using AI and machine learning can generate thousands of attempts a second — far more than the best cybersecurity analyst teams can keep up with.

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