VentureBeat Special Issue — Building the foundation for customer data quality

June 15, 2023

Building the foundation for customer data quality

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Customer data is the lifeblood of modern business. It can help enterprises gain critical insights by breaking down silos — whether they are isolating your data by people, geography, brand or anything else. Applying those insights the right way can help enterprises achieve business growth and build better customer experiences.

But customer data is also a double-edged sword. It can be a source of competitive advantage, but also a source of risk and liability. That’s why building a solid foundation for acquiring and using customer data is crucial for any enterprise that wants to succeed in the digital age. In this special report, we take a look at the best practices, challenges and opportunities for doing so.

We believe that customer data quality is not only a technical challenge but a strategic imperative for any enterprise that wants to stay ahead of the curve. We hope that this issue will inspire you to think critically and creatively about how you can use customer data to your advantage.

Michael Nuñez
Editorial Director

The true cost of dirty data — and how to address it head on

Jim Skeffington, Treasure Data

In order to ensure the data you’re activating is useful, actionable and accurate, it has to be clean. Otherwise, you risk making bad decisions based on bad data — and that can be costly.



Data collection and privacy: Understanding the legal limits

Taryn Plumb

“Piecing together the alphabet soup of proliferating regulations and translating it into clear and consistent requirements is a top priority and challenge for organizations.”


Illustration by: Leandro Stavorengo

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