VentureBeat Special Issue — The CIO agenda: The 2023 roadmap for IT leaders

January 26, 2023

The CIO agenda: The 2023 roadmap for IT leaders

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If running an enterprise is a road race, the CIO is the one in charge of keeping the car running, the racetrack clear and in good racing condition, and ensuring everyone — the drivers, the crews and the crowd — stay safe.

As we’ll find in this issue, CIOs have a dotted line to every business leader — including the CEO, CFO, CMO and others — each of whom is being asked to do more with less in this recessionary environment.

The roads have been wet and bumpy so far in 2023. Between fears of a recession, hybrid work, quiet quitting, ongoing digital transformation to replace legacy tech, cybercrime-as-a-service and all the hype around artificial intelligence, there are plenty of potential roadblocks and pit stops ahead.

Is your crew in top condition to handle whatever 2023 kicks up on the road ahead?

This special issue starts the new year with a road map to help CIOs impress the board and stakeholders by getting the most value from data analytics, cloud platforms and even the metaverse. It also looks at how AI and automation can help achieve sustainability, overcome biases, address supply chain challenges, enforce security through the tech stack and more.

Buckle up. We have a race to win.

Matt Marshall
CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Accelerating AI for growth: The key role of infrastructure

Nidhi Chappell, Microsoft, and Manuvir Das, Nvidia

In 2023, many CIOs will focus on finding the best way to grow AI production at scale to create value and business growth. An end-to-end, “AI first” environment provides the standardization, cost management and governance required for fast and orderly expansion.



How automation, low code/no code can fight the talent shortage

Louis Columbus

Facing a severe ongoing labor shortage, CIOs are looking to low-code and no-code platforms to ease the workloads in their departments.


Illustration with "LOW CODE" spelled out
Illustration with "BUY vs. BUILD" spelled out

Buy or build? How to make the best decision in an economic downturn

Shubham Sharma

The economic downturn is here. With much of the attention on reducing cash burn, questions about technology investments have become ripe. Some think IT spending will take a hit (just like everything else), while others predict it will be recession-proof.


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