VentureBeat Special Issue — The future of the data center: Handling greater and greater demands

July 20, 2023

The future of the data center: Handling greater and greater demands

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Companies, regardless of size, are facing an unprecedented influx of data, compelling them to seek innovative solutions to handle and leverage it effectively. Consequently, high-performance computing (HPC) has proven indispensable for various essential functions, such as ensuring smooth app logins, running algorithms to bolster system security and utilizing computer vision to track retail floor spaces.

In this special issue, we delve into the surging adoption of HPC and explore the emergent forces propelling high-performance capabilities. Notably, we shed light on the growing significance of data-hungry large language models (LLMs) in the realm of AI development, as they become increasingly omnipresent.

Our focus goes beyond the present to envision the future of the data center. As companies strive to meet the expectations of their partners and end-users, the evolving landscape demands innovative approaches to deliver seamless and robust services. This issue presents insights into how companies are adapting their data centers to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Aliyah Mohammed
Associate Managing Editor

Why — and how — high-performance computing technology is coming to your data center

Ravi Kuppuswamy, AMD

No longer the domain of a few select fields, industries from financial trading to the advertising ecosystem rely on large-scale mathematically intensive computations.



Handling Greater Demands in the Data Center with Kamran Ziaee, Verizon

Handling Greater Demands in the Data Center with Ken Spangler, FedEx

The retail data center: From autonomous checkout to data-driven insights, HPC is key

Taryn Plumb

“Piecing together the alphabet soup of proliferating regulations and translating it into clear and consistent requirements is a top priority and challenge for organizations.”


Illustration by: Leandro Stavorengo

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