Blog sharing widget company ShareThis buys blog sharing widget company Madkast

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We’re still at the TechStars demo day in Mountain View, Calif. One of the incubator’s companies, blog article-sharing widget maker Madkast, has just said it has been purchased by article-sharing widget company ShareThis for an undisclosed sum [Update: Madkast is about to be purchased. It wasn’t clear from the presentation, but the deal’s slated to close in the next couple of days] .

TechStars is apparently using today to announce acquisitions. Minutes ago, another TechStars company, blog commenting plug-in Intense Debate, announced it has been bought by Automattic.

Madkast lets you share posts via instant messages, email, MMS text messages and social bookmarking sites. The Boulder, Colo.-based company has raised $300,000 from angel investors.