Microsoft has officially unveiled its Windows Phone 8 operating system and, with it, a mighty change to the user interface.

The new OS features an all new start screen that features the familiar “smart tiles” design we’ve previously seen on Windows Phone 7 and, to a lesser extent, on the Xbox.

The new screen will allow users to add tiles from various applications that can be re-sized and rearranged to fit your specific needs. The tiles also feature a fair amount of functionality, offering real-time updates for calendars, email messages, social networks, gaming profiles, images, and even updates for a particular person in your contacts (like your girl/boyfriend, mom, or best friend).

From VentureBeat
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While the smart tiles themselves are very colorful, Microsoft is promising to add even more color options in the future.

Check out a gallery of images below from the Windows 8 demo that shows off a few of the stereotypical personality customizations (Gamer, news junkie, etc.)

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