Verizon’s new prepaid plans start at $60 (but you have better options)

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If you’re going broke but still need to own a smartphone, Verizon’s new prepaid plans are aimed at you.

Built with budgets in mind, the new plans offer unlimited voice and texting, but vary based on how much data you sign up for: For $60, you get 500MB of data, and for $70 you 2GB. 

Of course, any mildly intelligent person would be intellectually obligated to go for the 2GB plan, which offers four times the data as the cheaper plan for just $10 more. And make no mistake — that’s exactly what Verizon wants you to do.

One main caveat to the new plans is that they only work with 3G phones like the iPhone 4,  iPhone 4S, and the various BlackBerry models. That may sound like a bad thing, but it actually isn’t: Who in their right mind is going to use an LTE phone with a 500MB dataplan? The data wouldn’t make it a week.

The other main caveat comes from the plans themselves, which aren’t the best deal when compared to, say, T-Mobile’s $50-per-month plan or even Walmart’s $45 Straight Talk plan. Unless you’re absolutely in love with Verizon, it’s tough to recommend its new prepaid plans.

Photo:Flickr/Eric Hauser